45% land acquired for Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project

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Of the total 1,380 hectares of land required for the bullet train project, so far 622 hectares of land, which comes to around 45%, has been acquired, an official of NHSRCL said. The bullet train corridor will have 12 stations across its 508-km stretch between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

More Information:

  • Mr. Achal Khare, Managing Director of the NHSRCL said,”Our land requirement for this entire project is 1,380 hectares, which includes private, government, forest and railway land (in Gujarat and Maharashtra). So far, we have acquired 622 hectares (45%). We are moving ahead keeping in mind the deadline of December 2023.”
  • He said,”Upon completion, the bullet train will make 70 trips, 35 on each side between 6 am till 12 am. The ticket fare would be around Rs 3,000.”
  • Tenders had been issued for 4 major civil work packages on the route and the construction work is likely to begin by March 2020, according to the official.
  • He said that these packages include construction of a 237-km long viaduct between Vapi and Vadodara and another package between Vadodara and Ahmedabad with a distance of 87 kms.
  • Mr. Khare said,”We have divided the project into 27 packages. We have already issued tenders for four major civil work packages, including the under-sea tunnel in Maharashtra. We hope that the work would start by March or April next year when the works will be awarded to the agencies.”
  • He said that the present estimates suggest that the cost of the entire project would be Rs 1.08 trillion and attempts are being made to finish the project by December 2023.
  • Civil work for Ahmedabad High Speed Railway Station has already begun at the existing railway station in the city.
  • This new railway station for the bullet train will be built over the existing railway lines on the eastern side above platform no 10, 11 and 12.
  • The fare for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train would be around Rs 3,000, the official said.

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