Dwarka – Najafgarh Metro Corridor Ready For Operations

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The Dwarka – Najafgarh Metro corridor is now ready for operations. The 4.295 kilometre long corridor will comprise of three stations – Dwarka (interchange with Blue Line), Nangli and Najafgarh. With the opening of this section, the Delhi Metro network will expand to 377 kilometres with 274 stations (including the NOIDA – Greater NOIDA Aqua Line). 

Corridor details: 

  • Length: 4.295 kms
  • Out of the length of 4.295 kms, 2.754 kms are Elevated and 1.541 kms are Underground
  • Gauge : Standard Gauge
  • Colour Code: Grey
  • Stations: 03 Dwarka (interchange with Blue Line), Nangli and Najafgarh.  While Dwarka and Nangli are elevated stations, Najafgarh is underground. 
  • This section was not sanctioned with the rest of Phase 3. Work started in 2015. 
  • This section is being further extended till Dhansa Bus Stand by 1.18 kilometres. This section is expected to be completed by December, 2020. 

Dwarka Metro Station – The Interchange hub

The Dwarka Metro station is all set to emerge as an interchange facility that will connect the sub-city with the locality of Najafgarh.

An 80 metre passage connects the old Dwarka station of the Dwarka Sector 21 – Noida Electronic City/ Vaishali Blue Line with the new station, which has come up as part of the extension to Najafgarh. There will be concourse to concourse connectivity through the paid area.

After Dwarka Sector 21, Dwarka will be the second interchange facility in the Dwarka subcity.

About 2,000 square metres of additional parking space shall be provided at the station. Elaborate multi modal integration with provisions of pick and drop by e-rickshwas, auto rickshwas and buses has been provided at the station.   

The new station will be a two level station with the concourse at the ground level and the platform at a height of 14 metres. The station will also have artworks installed at multiple locations for beautification.

Najafgarh – the Dumbbell Station 

The Najafgarh Metro station has come up at the extremely busy Delhi Gate    intersection of Najafgarh locality. The location of the station is on the main Najafgarh Road, with an adjoining market area as well as many government schools. 

Since, the station has come up on the only major thoroughfare connecting Najafgarh, there were space constraints. There were challenges as the entry and exit points had to be located in a crowded location in such a way that they would be properly accessible to the public. Therefore, the final station box has expansions as well as contractions at multiple locations giving it the shape of a dumbbell. 

In order to accommodate all the equipment rooms and other necessary components, the station box has a slightly longer. As a result, the platforms are also longer at about 195 metres.

Solar Power Plants   

At three locations on this section, roof top solar power plants have been installed. The following are the details: 

  • Dwarka Metro station– 175 kwp
  • Najafgarh depot – 182 kwp
  • Nangli Metro station – 240 kwp

     Therefore, the Dwarka – Najafgarh corridor will have a generation capacity of 597     kwp. Delhi Metro, overall is generating about 30 Mwp of solar power currently. 

Operational Details

A peak hour frequency of seven minutes and 30 seconds shall be maintained on this stretch. The total travel time on this section shall be six minutes and 20 seconds. 

Quote from DMRC

“The Dwarka – Najafgarh Metro corridor will connect Najafgarh with the rest of the city. Now, commuters travelling from this area will be able to reach various locations in NCR conveniently by availing the interchange facility at Dwarka. This Metro corridor is also expected to reduce traffic congestion on the streets of the Najafgarh area. Construction of this 4.295 kilometre long section is also an engineering masterpiece as the Metro had to be constructed in congested and high traffic areas in Najafgarh. This section is being currently expanded till Dhansa Stand”.

Source: DMRC

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