EESL to install Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers within Maha Metro premises

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Nagpur: The Department of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Power, Government of India (GoI), has permitted Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) for installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers within Maha Metro premises.

An agreement to that effect will be signed between Maha Metro and EESL for provisioning of EVc charges at all the feasible locations of Metro Stations.

The installation and commissioning of the EV chargers needs to be completed by January 2021. As per the plans, EESL will design, install, commission and operate the EV charging stations at Metro station premises for a period of 10 years and in-turn will pay a part of revenue earned through EV charging to Maha-Metro.

The EV-chargers will be utilized for providing last mile connectivity through feeder services.

Source: Nagpur Metro Rail | Image Credit: Nagpur Metro Rail

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