Electrification of Konkan Railway to be completed in 1 year

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Electrification of the Konkan Railway Corporation Limited’s (KRCL) route would be completed within a year, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said on Dec 27, 2019. It will help curb pollution as diesel engines would not be used on the line, he said in Margao, Goa.

More Information:

  • He said,”The state government is working towards making Goa a pollution-free state. Railways will contribute in its own way by electrifying the KRCL line.”
  • He added, diesel-run trains would not run on the route then.
  • In near future newer areas in Goa would be connected by railway line, the minister said.
  • He said, more ‘quality trains’ to Goa would be started for tourists’ benefit.
  • He added, “Tourists and other travelers can enjoy the beauty of Goa while they travel by train. We are also introducing more vista-dome coaches (coaches with glass dome on the top) on the route.”
  • The KRCL manages the railway line between Roha in Maharashtra and Thokur in Karnataka, covering a distance of 743 km.

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