MAHSR Project Update : Land acquisition under progress

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The MAHSR Project is progressing with the Japanese government officials expecting that the land acquisition process will be completed soon.

More Information:

  • Mr.Ryoji Noda, the Consulate General of Japan in Mumbai, said that they are eager to start the work and work on the project with Indian officials .
  • He was in Ahmedabad on Monday, to sign the grant contract with JISC (Japan Information and Study Centre) at AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association).
  • “A training centre is being set up in Vadodara for the High-Speed Rail Project while some 100 people from India have already been sent to Japan for training related to security and maintenance,” Mr.Noda  said.
  • “We are all prepared and expect the land acquisition to get completed soon so that the project work can begin.”
  • The project is targeted for completion in 2022 .
  • “Representatives of both the state governments are currently in talks with the landowners and it is important that the people be explained the need for a fairly straight route for the project.” Mr. Noda added.

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