MAHSR Update: 33 NHSRCL employees complete language culture course in Japan

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33 employees of the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) on Friday received certificates from the Japan Foundation for successfully completing the Japanese language and culture learning training programme as part of the cooperation between Japan and India for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project.

More Information:

  • Last year, 35 NHSRCL employees received certification for the similar training programme, a statement from the NHSRCL said.
  • The statement said,”The high-speed rail technology is being adopted from Japanese Shinkansen train technology, hence there is a need of inter-country exchanges between the officials of two countries, which would be facilitated by proficiency in Japanese language and empathetic understanding of their culture.”
  • “Similar course would continue to be organised for all the employees of NHSRCL,” it said.
  • Over 87 employees have received training in Japan in various fields like station area development, customer centric approach in addition to Shinkansen technology and in operations and maintenance.
  • The release said,”NHSRCL employees are being trained in Japan for the right amount of exposure required for skill development and bringing in the right mind-set of safety and punctuality at all levels in the organisation.”

  • “Two more batches comprising 60 employees are scheduled to receive similar training this year. The training institute of NHSRCL in Vadodara has also started functioning.”
  • As per the estimation by the Japanese, the project requires about 4,000 personnel under several categories such as locomotive drivers, guards, station staff, operation control centre staff, maintenance personnel, signal maintainers and electrical staff.
  • There will be a big depot at Sabarmati for periodic overhaul of the trains, while a small depot at Thane will be built for weekly and monthly maintenance.
  • Around 20,000-25,000 persons would be required for construction of the project.
  • NHSRCL will also give preference to job applicants who have Japanese language proficiency.
  • The proficiency shall be evaluated based on the qualification acquired through Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N-1 to N-5.
  • However, candidates with N-3 level of Japanese language proficiency will be required initially.
  • The recruitment will be undertaken in next 1-2 years.

All image credit: NHSRCL

CISF to finalise security measures for India’s first Bullet Train

Date : April 16, 2019

CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) is helping the National High-Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) to finalise the security measures for India’s first bullet train, according to a report. The NHSRCL is implementing the high-speed train project running between Mumbai & Ahmedabad.

More Information:

  • NHSRCL is thinking about airport-like security at Bullet Train stations, HT reported.
  • They are planning to allow passengers to enter the platform just before the scheduled departure of the train.
  • “We provide security consultancy to many establishments and since this will be the first bullet train project for India, NHSRCL has approached us for consultancy. We will review the security structure of (high-speed trains in) other countries and will suggest a measure accordingly,” a CISF official was quoted in the report saying.
  • Since all the bullet train stations will be interconnected with railway stations, RPF might be given the responsibility of security for bullet train passengers as well, NHSRCL spokesperson Sushma Gaur said.
  • CISF will be suggesting surveillance structure, deployment pattern, requirement for quick reaction teams etc.
  • The target for the completion of bullet train corridor is August 2022.
  • The high-speed train will be cutting down the travel time between Mumbai and Ahmedabad by 5 hours.

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