MMRDA Approves 3.5K crore Multi-Modal Integration project

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Mumbai: The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) meeting was helmed by the Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Chairman, MMRDA, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, on Monday.

In the meeting, MMRDA approved Rs.3.5K crore for Multi-Modal Integration project that will help commuters enjoy smooth commuting experience. This project will facilitate widening of footpaths, cycle tracks, parking zones, traffic signal improvement, street lighting, CCTVS, path finding maps, feeder services, street furniture etc.

The project will also rejuvenate the entire road network below all Metro corridors. “Constructing Metro corridors does not mean only providing transport facility to travel from one end to another”, said Mr.Fadnavis.

“It must be a total experience for the commuters, meaning the provision of last mile connectivity along with the paraphernalia of facilities that will encourage you to travel – and travel in comfort”, said Mr.Fadnavis further.

Thereafter a trend setting decision was taken as M/s.Indian Port Rail and Ropeway Corporation Ltd. (IPRCL) was appointed to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) to understand if Ropeway projects could be implemented from Malad to Marve and Gorai to Borivali – both 4.5km projects.

These projects can establish East-West Connectivity along with connectivity to Malad Metro station on Metro-2A corridor and Marve. Further, to Borivali station on Western Railway, Metro-2A and Gorai Jetty.

Ropeway is quite popular and successful in New York, Colombia, Turkey etc.” Mr.R.A.Rajeev, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA, updated. “In cities like Mumbai where people are facing traffic problems, such initiatives can be useful. If these pilot projects are successful, we may initiate a few more projects like these”, Mr. Rajeev briefed further.

The Logo of Maha Mumbai Metro (M3) Operation Corporation was also launched during the Authority Meeting which suggests an infinite loop formed with three Ms.

It describes how M3 offers a seamless and continuous service in the operation and maintenance of the twelve Metro lines as they connect various parts of the metropolitan region. While the green in the identity stands for environmental consciousness, the blue stands for solidity and trust.

Source: MMRDA

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