Modern Coach Factory to use humanoid robot ‘Sona 1.5’

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The Modern Coach Factory (MCF), Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh will be using a humanoid robot ‘Sona 1.5’ to transport documents from one place to another. It is a full-service robot made in India built by Najavunjpavad Jaipur and was tested on November 18.

More Information:

  • An official statement said, it is the first robot in the world with human-like spine technology due to which it is able to balance.
  • The design of Sona 1.5 is much more unique than the current robot designs.
  • This robot is based on navigation and mapping and due to which it is much better than other robots.
  • It added that the humanoid robot will also be useful in welcoming visitors, technical interaction, and other types of training.
  • Like humans, these robots make their own way by navigating with the help of sensors and reach the target.
  • The robots can also be directed and managed from a laptop or smart phone via a Wi-Fi server.
  • The most important thing about this robot is that it has auto docking programming, which allows the auto to go to the charging point itself before the battery is discharged.
  • This robot can also function in dark due to high technology sensors like vision, ultrasonic, touch, laser and heat.
  • Besides manufacturing stainless steel LHB coaches , MCF is taking up new challenges of manufacturing modern day coach design, including train sets, metro coaches, aluminum body coaches, bullet train coaches and high speed coaches to meet upcoming demands.

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