NATPAC will conduct study for Light Metro to Technopark

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Thiruvananthapuram: The NATPAC (National Transportation Planning and Research Centre) will conduct a study for the Light Metro to Technopark. The NATPAC roped in by the Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation Ltd (KRTL) to carry out the feasibility study to divert the light metro via Technopark.

More Information:

  • The authorities are exploring new mass rapid transit technologies based on the ridership to establish connectivity with the existing light metro alignment.
  • The flyover project from Technopark to Kazhakootam is a major hurdle for the diversion plan, an official said.
  • According to the current plan, the light metro from Kazhakootam Junction turns towards Kariyavattom towards Pangapara and Sreekaryam.
  • The official said,”we are planning to explore the possibility of new alternatives. One is to give a new station at Karyavattom and add Technopark as a new route. There is a huge change in the ridership and traffic pattern in the Technopark route.”
  • “Only after the new study we would be able to conclude on the feasibility.”
  • NATPAC would explore more technologies apart from personal rapid transport system, monorail, metro rail and light metro.
  • The new technology would be selected based on the ridership data.
  • According to the current proposal, NATPAC has been asked to do the feasibility study in the 4.5 km stretch from Karyavattom towards Technopark.
  • NATPAC submit the feasibility study report within 2-3 months.

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