NCRTC Senior Offcials Visit LMRC; Appreciate The World Class Infrastructure of The Fastest Executed Metro Project

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NCRTC (National Capital Region Transport Corporation) senior officials, Shri Mahendra Kumar, Director (Rolling Stock & System), Shri Navneet Kaushik, Director (System) & Shri Anil Kumar Shranvaya, Director (Project) visited the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC).They were welcomed by senior officials of LMRC at Chaudhary Charan Singh (CCS) Airport Metro Station. NCRTC’s officials then visited Transport Nagar Metro Depot where they were apprised of the Lucknow Metro project in detail along with other aspects and challenges faced during the construction phase of the North-South corridor (phase 1-A) from CCS Airport to Munshipulia.

During the visit of Transport Nagar Metro Depot the NCRTC team was elaborated upon the automatic washing facility of the trains, special features of the Rolling Stock and Inspection Bay Line where Rolling Stock (trains) maintenance is carried out. The various technical feats achieved by LMRC were also detailed to them during the interaction with senior officials of Lucknow Metro. NCRTC officials appreciated the world class infrastructure of LMRC which is the fastest constructed, implemented and executed Metro Rail project of the country. Various technical equipment rooms, CoET (training centre for new recruits, Operation Control Centre (OCC-for the monitoring and surveillance of trains) and Depot Control Centre (DCC-controls the functioning of operations of Depot) were showcased to the NCRTC team.

NCRTC Team also travelled with senior officials of LMRC from CCS Airport to Hazratganj Metro Station during which they were highlighted various operational related aspects of the Lucknow Metro including the daily train operations and station management. The visiting officials were amazed to see the world class facilities and amenities available at the Metro stations especially catering to the needs of differently abled, women, senior citizens and children.

NCRTC officials were quite impressed by the beautiful artwork depicting chikankari embroidery at the underground metro stations of Hazratganj and stone dust painting at CCS Airport inspired by popular Madhubani art form. They also appreciated the fine upkeep of the metro stations in terms of cleanliness and security arrangements. The team congratulated LMRC for successfully implementing the Metro rail project within the stipulated time and allocated budget.

Source: LMRC

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