NHSRCL invites Competition to Name and Design Mascot of India’s First Bullet Train

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Date of Post: 23 Feb, 2019

Like Air India has a mascot in Maharaja, India’s first bullet train is all set to get a name and its own identity with NHSRCL (National High Speed Rail Corporation Ltd) announcing a nationwide competition to christen the train which will run from Mumbai to Ahmedabad by 2022.

More Information:

  • A statement said, the NHSRCL which is spearheading the project has asked for entries for the name and designing of mascot for the train by March 25.
  • The mascot essentially should be a well designed character which will personify the value system of NHSRCL and will be able to communicate effectively.
  • It said,”Naming the bullet train will provide it an identity which will help people to establish a connect with the bullet train.”
  • It will be an open online competition on mygov.in.
  • Interested participants can find more details by logging into the website.
  • Through a nominated committee, the name of the train and the mascot will be shortlisted and the winners will be awarded a cash prize along with a certificate confirming their participation in the contest.
  • Also there will be 5 consolation prizes in each category.
  • In 2017, the logo of the organisation was adopted through a similar competition, symbolies speed and is represented by a “cheetah”, while the red and blue lines   symbolise calm and reliability.

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