Railways allows Amazon to carry its consignments on its EMU services

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Indian Railways started a pilot project, allowing e-commerce consignments on its EMU services in non-peak hours.  As a part of innovative pilot project, carrying of e-commerce consignment of Amazon in EMU services commenced from Sealdah to Dankuni in EMU local (suburban services) managed by Eastern Railways.

The pilot project is initially for a period of three months where total 7 MT of consignment per day has been allowed to be carried. The rate chargeable is that of Luggage Rate (Scale L – highest scale) i.e. ₹.5537/- per day. This pilot project of booking consignments in EMU service is the first of its kind in Indian Railways.

The consignment is allowed to be carried in vendor compartment along with other vendors in non-peak hours (i.e. 11.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs.), thus causing no disruption/inconvenience to the existing system.

This project is to benefit both Railways and e-commerce company M/s. Amazon. Railway will be benefitted through generation of revenue without putting any additional stress or burden on existing system whereas Amazon will be benefitted through reduced transit time.

The route viz. Sealdah to Dankuni was preferred by M/s. Amazon for quick movement of their consignment to the existing facility at Dankuni. Upon success of the pilot project, other routes may also be taken up by Amazon and other e-commerce companies may also be interested.

Source: PIB

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