Railways to implement Integrated Security System (ISS) at Howrah and Sealdah stations

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Kolkata: Eastern Railway is going to implement the Integrated Security System (ISS) in full scale at Howrah and Sealdah stations to provide passengers a secured and safe travel experience. Many of the items covered under ISS have already been implemented and the entire plan is expected to be completed fully by March 31, 2020.

For the purpose of providing passengers a secured train journey, 24 Door Frame Medal Detectors (DFMD) have planned to be set up at Howrah station and 12 of these have already been installed. Moreover, 8 Luggage Scanners will be provided at the station, 2 of which are already in use presently. For better security, 2 Under Vehicle Scanners will be installed at Howrah station i.e. o­ne in the Old Cab road and the other in the New Cab road.

Presently, to monitor the movement of the passenger traffic, 246 CCTVs are already installed in the Howrah station while additional 300 CCTVs will be installed to get a full fledged visual coverage of the entire station premises. For better dispensation of the passenger traffic, the entry & exit points of the Howrah station will be separated. For better queue maintenance from the traffic coming out of the subway, 12 metalic lanes will be installed at the station of which 06 each will be for Entry (with Door Frame Metal Detector) and exit points. o­ne gate will be separated for entry of vendors and it will be elusively manned by Railway Protection Force (RPF).

Similarly, in the Sealdah station under Integrated Security System, 250 CCTVs have been sanctioned while 233 have already been installed and the rest are under active progress. 40 Door Frame Metal Detectors will be installed at Sealdah while 26 of the same have already been installed. There are 40 Hand-held Metal Detectors and 2 Baggage Scanners already in use in the Sealdah station.

The basic objective behind the above measures is to further strengthen the security arrangements of the busiest stations of ER so that the passengers can travel under an arena of a fool proof security system.

Source: Eastern Railway

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