SER executes major maintenance works of tracks, bridges, curves besides yards and track renewals to improve safety

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With a view to improve safety and operational efficiencies, South Eastern Railway (SER) has executed major maintenance work of tracks, bridges, curves besides yards and track renewals. The rail routes of South Eastern Railway have high density of freight and passenger trains. South Eastern Railway has presently 6464.624 Track km stretching over Kharagpur, Adra, Chakradharpur and Ranchi Divisions. A large number of Mail/Express, Passenger and Goods trains have been running over them daily. Monitoring of track is a continuous activity. 

  • Section Engineers, Permanent Way Inspectors and staff of track maintenance have been working round the clock despite nation-wide Covid-19 crisis to keep safe, secured and well-maintained railway track. 
  • Infrastructural Civil Engineers and Section Engineers of the Engineering Department have laid emphasis o­n line maintenance works and have done their best out night and day across SER’s jurisdiction. 
  • Security services are o­n patrol and Safety Inspectors are engaged in regular inspections. 
  • PWIs and Track-men are continuing to maintain railway tracks proactively inspite of Coronavirus threat and restrictions. 
  • The vast network of South Eastern Railway has been divided into various maintenance sections for thorough check up & inspections.  
  • These lengthy and massive railway tracks are being supervised and maintained by those track-men and Section Engineers who are excellent practical men with long experience of keeping tracks in good condition. 
  • Health of tracks is monitored through periodic inspections to ensure proper fitness for uninterrupted freight and passenger train movements. 
  • The vital link and flexibility in operations of the yards have been taken care of during maintenance.  
  • In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic and country-wide health & physical precautions, South Eastern Railway has been running a number of Parcel Express Trains for continuous supply of essential commodities and pharmaceuticals to reach out to the people across the country. 
  • In this situation, South Eastern Railway Track-men and Engineers have been involved in carrying out the track maintenance works with ensuring social distancing norms for safe operations and smooth running of numerous freight and passenger trains.

Cleanliness and Sanitisation drives:

  • South Eastern Railway has undertaken cleanliness and sanitisation drives at its stations of the places which frequently come in contact with the travelling passengers and rail-users. 
  • The areas such as entrance handrails in train coaches, railway offices, door handles, toilet health faucets , water taps etc are being cleaned frequently as precautionary measures against Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • All passenger interface areas like seating benches at stations & in the concourse, waiting halls, are being cleaned and sanitised o­n regular basis. 
  • In-house sanitiser being produced by South Eastern Railway is being used everywhere.  
  • The Railway provides disinfected infrastructures and clean environment to the employees for performing their regular duties. 
  • Cleaning staff have been engaged to spray disinfectant within the railway office premises, other establishments particularly o­n the platforms and railway areas.
  • Arrangements have also been made to clean the coaches using disinfectant during sanitization process. 
  • Regular cleaning, sanitization & disinfection of all offices, stations, depots, colonies, control offices etc. have been made mandatory over SER’s jurisdiction. 
  • This intensive cleanliness and sanitization drive is being monitored at apex level. 
  • The employees who are engaged in this mission are advised to maintain social distancing and use face covers. 
  • Thermal screening of all staff is being carried out daily and they are also counseled to adopt health safety measures. 
  • Mass awareness campaigns are conducted following the Covid-19 Guidelines.

Source: South Eastern Railway-Press Release

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