SER gets railway allocation of Rs. 2523.46 crore in Budget 2019-20

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The highlights of regular budget of different Plan Heads for the year 2019-20 over South Eastern Railway are given as under in comparison with interim budget allocations:-

  • Full budget allocations are Rs. 2523.46 crores
  • Interim budget allocations were Rs. 2415.64 crores
  • Budget increase in 4.46 % in comparison to Interim Budget

Summary: Railway Budget 2019-20

The important items of regular budget and its sanction amount in different Plan Heads are enumerated below:-

  • Doubling-Rs. 833.50 crores
  • Track Renewals-Rs. 658.00 crores
  • Road Safety Works-Road Over Bridge/Road Under Bridge-Rs. 260.31 crores
  • Passenger Amenities- Rs. 175.42 crores
  • Traffic Facilities-Rs. 130.72 crores
  • Signal & Telecom Work-Rs. 125.95 crores
  • Electrical Works & Traction Distribution –Rs. 80.21 crores
  • Road Safety Works-Level Crossing-Rs. 61.84 crores
  • Bridge works-Rs. 46.66 crores etc.

Railway Budget 2019 !

Railway Budget 2019-20 highlights-

  • Railway infrastructure will need an investment of Rs 50 lakh crore between 2018 and 2030.
  • Massive programme of railway station modernization to be launched this year.
  • Railways to be encouraged to invest more in suburban railways through SPV structures such as Rapid Regional Transport System; more PPP initiatives to be encouraged in rail sector.
  • Government envisions using rivers for cargo transportation, which will also decongest roads and railways.
  • India’s first indigenous payment ecosystem for transport based on National Common Mobility Card was launched PM in March 2019, enabling people to pay multiple types of transport charges.
  • 657 km of metro rail network has become operational in the country.

Source: South Eastern Railway

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