South Central Railway gets Rs 6,846 Crore for Infrastructure in 2020-21

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The South Central Railway (SCR) has been sanctioned Rs 6,846 crore for the year 2020-21 towards infrastructure works in the union budget. For new lines, the total budgetary grant including capital, deposit, extra budgetary resources, among others is Rs 2,856 crore while for doubling, third line and bypass line works, it is Rs 3,836 crore, SCR said in a press release.

Budgetary Allocations for important ongoing projects in the budget:

  • Rs. 54 Crore allotted for Akanapet — Medak new line project. The project was sanctioned in the year 2012-13 for a distance of 17 Kms at an estimated cost of Rs. 118 crore. 50% of the project cost would be shared by the Govt of Telangana with land free of cost. The works are nearing completion.
  • Rs. 75 Crore allotted for Mudkhed — Parbhani doubling project. The doubling project was sanctioned in the year 2012-13 for a distance of 81 kms at a sanctioned cost of Rs. 391 Crore. The section between Parbhani — Mirkhel for a distance of 17 Kms and Mudkhed -Nanded-Limbgaon for a distance of 36 Kms totaling to 53 Kms completed and commissioned. The works in the balance portion of 29 Kms between Mirkhel-Limbgaon are in fast progress.
  • Rs. 40 crore allotted for MMTS Phase II project which was sanctioned in the year 2012-13 with the estimated cost Rs. 817 Crore. The works on sections between Telapur — Ramachandrapuram for a distance of 5.75 Kms completed and commissioned. The works on Moula Ali — Ghatkesar and Malkajgiri- Bolarum-Medchal sections are nearing completion. The project is targeted for completion at the earliest.
  • A major thrust has also been given to Passenger amenity work. Accordingly, substantial amount of budgetary grant of Rs 672 crore has been allotted for improvement in passenger amenities including facilities for Divyangjan.
  • The zone has already eliminated all the Unmanned Level Crossing gates in the entire network. In order to further strengthen the safety and ensure smooth flow of vehicular traffic, SCR has started elimination of Manned Level Crossing Gates and in the current financial year, 104 manned level crossings have been eliminated by January, 2020.
  • For Road Safety Works (Level Crossings, Bridges and ROB/RUB) the budgetary grant is Rs 542 Crore.
  • For Track Renewals, the budgetary grant is Rs 900 Crore.
  • For provision of Train Collision Avoidance system (TCAS) between Manrnad — Nanded – Secunderabad — Dhone — Guntakal and Bidar – Parli — Parbhani sections an amount of its 100 crore has been allotted.


New Doubling works have been sanctioned in the current budget which includes:

  • Doubling of Dharmavaram — Pakala — Katpadi for a distance of 290 Km with an estimated cost of Rs 2,900 crore.
  • Doubling of Guntur — Bibinagar for a distance of 248 Km with an estimated cost of Rs 2,480 crore.
  • Doubling of Akola — Dhone via Purna, Mudkhed, Secunderabad, Mahabubnagar (Excluding sections between Purna- Mudkhed & Bolarum — Mahabubnagar which are already in progress) for a distance of 626 km with an estimated cost of Rs 6,260 Crore.

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