South East Central Rail runs 2-km long Freight train with 177 wagons

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SECR has now managed to connect three freight trains as one complete unit and turn it into a 2-km long freight train .

More Information

  • This train is running between Bhilai and Korba rail stations.
  • This is using the technology of Distributed Power Control System (DPCS) where the Diesel locomotive is able to control the entire train along with the simultaneous functioning of the rear loco through electronic transmission while running on the track.
  • “With technology breaking new grounds, this novel concept in SECR of amalgamating 177 wagons creates a national record. “ said Mr Tanmay Mukhopadhyay, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (SECR-Raipur division) .
  • One freight train is usually 700 metres long.
  • Whatever command the leading loco gives is electronically communicated through DPCS technology to other rear engines .
  • In Raipur division, there are around 30 diesel loco engines with inbuilt DPCS technology.
  • The 2 km long train moves only with one set of crew — two in the engine and a guard instead of nine for three different goods train”, said Senior Divisional Operation Manager (Raipur division) Mr. Prakash Chand Tripathi, who supervised the plan.
  • Usually, one freight train takes 7 hours to cover the given distance of 250 km from Bhilai to Korba but “Anaconda” took just 6 hours in a successfully executed plan, said Tripathi.
  • There is no restriction on using any category of railway wagons for transportation. Such an experiment consumes less fuel or power, saves on manpower cost and runs more freight trains by saving of paths, said SECR officials.

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