11th UIC World High Speed Congress, Beijing 2020

UIC HIGHSPEED 2020, the 11th world congress on High-Speed Rail, is being coordinated by the International Union of Railways (UIC) www.uic.org , China State Railway Group, Co., Ltd. and China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited (CARS) (CR), in collaboration with all parties involved in high-speed rail in China, and more generally with all UIC member railways. The congress will be held from 30 June – 3 July 2020 in Beijing.

The theme of the congress will be “Augmenting intelligent mobility” which will merge High-Speed Rail (HSR) and its interfaces with other transport modes. 

UIC Director General François Davenne cordially invites all key actors of the mobility chain from the five continents to join this unique event in Beijing. He said: “This Congress is the perfect place to bring together the best ideas and allow the railways to offer value to society. Indeed, high-speed rail is only relevant if it is connected to other mobilities, in a coherent way, with the best management of interfaces possible. In a way, if rail is the backbone of mobility, high-speed lines are the core network of this backbone. This congress in Beijing is promising, as high-speed has not finished providing solutions to a growing demand of mobility”.

More than 3,000 participants are expected at UIC HIGHSPEED 2020 at Beijing, among them policy makers, authorities, railway companies, suppliers, customers, research institutes, universities, etc.

The congress will be organised around three main blocks: sessions, exhibition and technical visits. Two round tables respectively addressing artificial intelligence and future high-speed rail developments for mobility and intermodality will give participants the opportunity to interact and exchange best practices. In addition, 30 parallel sessions will revolve around different technical streams. A special plenary session will be held by the academic sector to report on the results of the work conducted by the Alliance for Universities. 

A series of new activities will be introduced in the general organisation: a hackathon and workshop demos during plenary sessions.

The trade exhibition will illustrate the latest developments of high-speed rail systems in China and across the world.

 More information on the congress website: www.uichighspeed2020.com

Every year, over two billion passengers travel on high-speed trains. High-speed is still experiencing development around the world. For example, since 2008, China has introduced 29,000 km of high-speed lines, and carries more than 2 billion passengers a year, more than three quarters of the annual volume of high-speed traffic in the world.

Nowadays there are nearly 47,000 km of lines operating in the world. In 30 years, this figure will at least double. This means a significant challenge from industrial, technological, financial points of view.

The International Union of Railways UIC is the worldwide organisation for the promotion of rail transport and collaborative development of the railway system at global level. It brings together some 200 members from 100 countries across 5 continents, among them rail operators, infrastructure managers, rail service providers.

UIC maintains and develops close cooperation links with all actors involved in transport issues, including international organisations and public authorities, railway associations, manufacturers and stakeholders in other sectors whose action may be beneficial to rail development. It represents the rail sector with consultative to the United Nations. UIC’s main tasks include understanding the business needs of the rail community, developing programmes of innovation to identify solutions to those needs and publishing a series of documents known as “International Railway Solutions” (IRS) that facilitate the implementation of these innovations. UIC’s technical department draw their lead from the strategies defined by the members of its specialized forums and platforms.


Venue:  Beijing.

Date: 30 June – 3 July 2020

Registration Link: Click Here

Show Website: www.uic.org