The 3rd Global Rail IT & Security Congress 2018

According to <the Rail Transit Blue Book 2017>, until the end of 2016, the mileage for the Chinese railway operation is about 22 thousands kilometers, account for about 65% in the world; the Chinese RT operation length reach 4153km, taken the first place in the world. The operation mileage of Chinese railway and urban rail, the mileage of high speed railway and urban rail under construction also became the top of the world

(A review of the previous session )

With the explosive growth of RT industry in China, the development of intelligence, informational and networking become an irresistable trend. < The Modern comprehensive Rail Transit system development plan for the 13th five-year plan> published by the States Council, put forward to improve RT intelligence level, to promote intelligence innovation in RT industry. Rail Transit system, as an important component of modern comprehensive transport network, internet+, big data, cloud computing, AI, IoT techniques change quickly, and the Intelligence, informational, digital development are imperative. How to use the new technology to build smart RT system, improve operation efficiency, security level and service capacity, get the attention of Rail Operators, equipment supplier and authoritative department.

With the background of intelligence and informatization, the 3rd Global Rail IT & Security Congress 2018 will be held in shanghai with the theme ‘Interconnected, Digital Driven, Cloud

Computing the Future’. On the occasion of congress, industry specialists and decision maker of government authorities, rail operators, the supplier of vehicle, signaling communication, security equipment, system integrators and big date& cloud computing solution, Investment and financing institution, Law firm consulting will meet, and discuss the topic of intelligence, informatization policy & market tendency, digital innovation, wireless communication and vehicle control, cyber security, passenger experience innovation, AI& driverless, Big data& Cloud computing, smart operation & maintenance & healthy management, comprehensive monitoring and security system…in order to build the future of smart RT together!

(A review of the previous session )

The 10 Key Topics

  • Intelligence and Informatization Policy
  • Digital Revolution
  • Telecommunication and Train Control
  • Cyber Security
  • Passenger Experience and Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Driverless
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • Smart Operation and Asset Management
  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Security
  • Global Smart Rail Project Showcase


Event Highlights 

1) Roundtable Discussion for All

Three preconference workshops focusing on technology and strategy, grasp the rail market development trend, exactly positioning the enterprise’s future development strategy
2)TEN Key Issus

The Two-day conference covers TEN key issues, providing an all-round indepth interpretation of rail intelligence

3) Global Smart Rail Project Showcase

60 minutes’ global smart rail project showcase, to get the first-hand cutting-edge technology application, to explore the latest international project cooperation opportunity

4) One-to-One Meeting

By online one-to-one meeting system, to discover and meet your target customer, to make a deal over the handshake

5) Exhibition

20 standard booths, to see the cutting-edge rail solutions, to exhibit your rail technology and services innovation

6) Keynote Speech

16 keynote speeches given by global inspirational speakers, to share advanced digital technology and smart operation experience

7) Panel Discussion

3 key panel discussion, listen to global operators to analyze intelligence transformation, to witness smart rail development under digitization and information trend

8) Cocktail Reception(by invitation only)

Cocktail Reception will gather together all VIP speakers and attendees, to seize the chance of getting close to the global rail industry experts and business leaders