ABB and Witt India join forces to deliver state-of-the-art tunnel ventilation solutions

In a collaborative effort to support India’s key strategic tunnel projects across the country, ABB and Witt India have signed a MoU to deliver robust tunnel ventilation solutions, setting new innovation standards in the tunnel ventilation system with advanced features to withstand extreme temperatures during emergencies.

More Details:

ABB India in collaboration with Witt India – a premier manufacturer specialising in tunnel ventilation systems, is setting new benchmarks in tunnel ventilation technology. Harnessing its extensive domain expertise, ABB’s cutting-edge smoke extraction motors are successfully deployed for tunnel safety and reliability across India’s critical infrastructure development projects. This collaboration aims to contribute towards infrastructure development ensuring safer and more efficient journeys for commuters through India’s various tunnels.

ABB’s Smoke Extraction Motors:

  • These smoke extraction motors power Witt India’s Banana Jet Fans, and are integral to tunnel ventilation systems providing essential functions such as airflow management, smoke control, pollutant dispersion, temperature regulation, and energy efficiency.
  • Its design and operations are critical to ensuring safe and effective tunnel environments, complying with standards and enhancing the overall safety and comfort of tunnel users.
  • Witt India has integrated ABB’s smoke extraction motors in several key projects across the country, such as Rewa-Sidhi Tunnel in Madhya Pradesh and the Kuthiran Tunnel Highway in Kerala.

Partnership Will Benefits:

  • This collaboration highlights both companies’ commitment to innovation, reliability, and safety in infrastructure development.
  • The infrastructure sector is a key driver of India’s economy that aims to reach a 5 trillion USD milestone in the next three years.

  • As the nation undertakes numerous infrastructure projects, increased capital expenditure is fueling this growth, playing a pivotal role in accelerating sustainable development.

Experts Insights:

Mr. Sanjeev Arora, President – Motion Business, ABB India, said “Together, with Witt India, we are driving progress in infrastructure safety and efficiency, ensuring secure and smooth travel through India’s rapidly expanding network of road tunnels. ABB’s focus towards innovation will ensure high-quality solutions enhancing safety for commuters. The integration of ABB’s smoke extraction motors and jet fans in these tunnels aim to augment safety standards as they provide effective smoke management by rapidly extracting smoke during fire incidents, ensuring clear visibility and safe evacuation routes.”

Mr. Vinod Kumar Jalagam, Managing Director, Witt India, said “With our strategic partnership with ABB India, we are transforming safety and operational efficiency in key infrastructure projects in the country. Our collaboration represents a focal point in our mission to elevate safety standards and enhance efficiency across India’s vital infrastructure projects. ABB’s motors combined with our Banana Jet Fans provide unparalleled efficiency to tunnel operators resulting in reduced OPEX and CAPEX costs. With ABB’s innovative solutions complementing our commitment, we are poised to deliver state-of-the-art tunnel ventilation systems, ensuring safer travel experiences for all.”

Key Features of ABB’s Motors:

  • ABB motors are engineered for high reliability, exceptional performance under extreme conditions, demonstrating remarkable technical excellence and innovation.
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures of 250°C and 300°C for up to 2 hours, these motors ensure reliable operation during critical smoke extraction operations.
  • When driven with VFD during normal operations, these motors also save substantial energy. 
  • The successful deployment of ABB’s high-performance smoke extraction motors in India’s essential tunnel projects not only enhances safety but also sets new benchmarks in tunnel ventilation systems.


The partnership between ABB and Witt India to deliver tunnel ventilation solutions is a testament of leveraging the potential of collaborative efforts for the purpose of enhancing innovation and thus providing respective solutions for some of the key problems related especially to the safety, reliability and efficiency of various systems.

Source: ABB – Press Release | Images Credit: ABB

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