Agra Metro Update: UPMRC completes piling in elevated section from Taj East Gate to Basai of priority corridor

Construction of Metro Rail is going on continuously in the city of Agra. In less than 6 months, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UPMRC) has completed piling in the elevated section from Taj East Gate station to Basai station of the priority corridor. So far, 445 piles, 57 pile caps and 24 pillars have been constructed in the entire elevated corridor.

  • Along with this, a horizontal beam is being constructed at Taj East Gate, which is the first station of the Agra Metro project.
  • Three elevated and three underground stations are to be constructed in the priority corridor which is being built between Taj East Gate to Jama Masjid.
  • Presently, the construction work is going on in the elevated part of the Priority Corridor.
  • This section is divided into four sections, which are P4 (Dead End to Taj East Gate), P3 (Taj East Gate to Basai), P2 (Basai to Fatehabad Road ), P1 (Ramp from Fatehabad Road), including three elevated stations (Taj East Gate – Basai – Fatehabad Road).
  • A total of 684 piles are to be constructed in the elevated part, out of which 445 piles have been completed.
  • At the moment, the piling from Taj East Gate to Basai Station has been completed.
  • 193 piles have been constructed in 271 sections between P4 section (dead end) to Basai station.
  • In the P4 section, 32 piles, 8 pile caps and 8 pillars have been constructed.

Kanpur Metro Progress:

Meanwhile, On the intermediating night of May 29 & 30, UPMRC erected the 4 U-girders at one end of the SPM Metro Station (towards the direction of Motijheel).

  • With this there is no gap left in the viaduct up to Gurudev, starting from the very starting point of the Metro viaduct that is approx 300 metres beyond IIT-Kanpur and the connectivity between these two points is now seamless.
  • On this occasion, Shri Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, UPMRC said, “Even during the current tough and challenging times we are constantly sustaining the pace of construction works of in Kanpur. Our labour count is continuously improving and just in the month of May, we have cast 40 U-girders in the Lakhanpur Casting Yard and erected approx 50 U-girders. The Kanpur Metro project is a beautiful gift from the Government to the city. UPMRC is committed to provide a world class Metro system to the people of Kanpur in the shortest possible time.”
  • It is to be clarified that the erection of U-girders is deliberately left at both ends of Metro stations as these can be erected only after completing the track beam casting at respective stations.
  • Now in Kanpur, the erection of these girders has been completed at 5 stations i.e. from IIT to Gurudev.
  • The Metro viaduct is completed up to 5KMs.
  • In total, UPMRC has completed the erection of U-girders at a stretch of approx 7.5 KMs out 9KMs.

Utility survey for Underground section:

Meanwhile, preparations for the construction of the underground section of Kanpur Metro have also been started. UPMRC team has started the investigation of sewer-water pipeline, electric cables, telecom cables etc. for the proposed Naveen Market Metro station.

  • On 22.05.2021, metro engineers started this work from the Naveen market, under which the cables and pipelines, utilities, would be detected and diverted or shifted as required.
  • For the construction of the underground section of Kanpur Metro, the first phase is to be constructed from Chunniganj to Nayaganj, under which 4 Metro stations; Chuniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj, will be constructed.
  • The length of this corridor is about 4 km.

Source: UPMRC-Facebook Update