Ahmedabad Metro update: Metro services to be resumed with Covid-19 safety precautions

Ahmedabad Metro services will be resumed from 7th September, 2020. The schedule of services and the precautions to be taken are mentioned below: 

  • On 7th & 8th  Sept, 20 – One service in the morning at 11:00 Hrs and one in the evening at 16:25 Hrs. will be started. Restricted services on first two days is to examine that all the systems related to Covid prevention are functioning properly, to observe the passengers adherence of Covid rules & masks & social distance norms and to take necessary corrective action. 
  • 9th to 12th Sept, 20 – From 11:00 Hrs. to 17:00 Hrs. 
  • 13th Sept, 20 – Representations were received in MoHUA, Gol regarding running of metro services on NEET Exam day. Thus, metro services will be operational from 7:00 Hrs. to 19:00 Hrs. on 13th. 
  • 14th Sept, 20 onwards – From 11:00 Hrs. to 17:10 Hrs. as in Pre-Covid times. 

Precautionary Measures:

  • Passengers found without mask/face cover shall be penalized as per GoG guidelines.
  • Foot operated sanitizer will be available for all passengers at the station. 
  • Sanitized tokens will be provided to passengers. 
  • Use of the Aarogya-setu app is recommended and will be encouraged so that passengers too can detect if there is an infected person in close proximity. 
  • The passenger contact area in the train will be sanitized after every trip. 
  • Thermal scanning will be carried out on all passengers. 
  • Social distancing shall be ensured through:
    • Marking on alternate seats to indicate that people should not sit next to each other. o One meter gap marking has been made for the passenger queue at all ticket counter windows. 
    • One meter gap marking has been made for passengers at platform level. 

Preparation of GMRCL to start operation:

  • Sanitization of station at regular interval
  • Use of mask & gloves by front end staff
  • Separate  Plastic box for cash collection
  • Face Shield available for Front End Staff
  • Marking for social distancing
  • Thermal Scanning at Concourse Entry
  • Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Information/Poster regarding Covid
  • Sanitization of Train at regular interval
  • Marking for social distancing inside trains

Source: GMRCL-Press Release | Image Credit: Ahmedabad Metro