Alstom India participates in IREE 2017

Date of Post: 13 Oct, 2017

IREE is not just the finest exhibition for railway technology but also an excellent platform for knowledge transfer. Fittingly, Alstom will display a selection of its cutting-edge innovative solutions at IREE 2017.

(i) APPITRACK is an automated tracklaying solutions by Alstom. It is an innovative, service-proven process developed for urban and main line projects and offers fully-mechanized construction of ballastless track slabs. The Appitrack consists of a convoy of machineries synchronized via a 3D guiding system that gives unmatched construction speed, limits disturbance, reduces overall project schedule and related costs. It is capable of installing tracks at grade, in tunnel and on elevated structures.

(ii) ORCS is Alstom’s aluminium rigid catenary system, suitable for metro and mainline up to 250km/h, from 750V to 25kV. Especially recommended for low clearance tunnels, this technology overcomes the need for wire mechanical tensioning, and eliminates the messenger wire and tensioning devices. It has are lower number of components compared to classical catenary systems and a reduced amount of spare parts. The span between supports in Alstom ORCS can be expanded up to 24m.

(iii) The Aluminium-Stainless steel composite 3RD Rail System from Alstom has a ground level feeding system suitable for all kind of metro lines, independent of the orientation of the current collector (from 750V to 1,5kV).  It is easily adaptable to various voltage and current levels according to customer’s needs as well as any civil work or rolling stock constraints. The third rail profile is easily customizable in order to be suitable for extensions of any existing lines. The high performance stainless steel cap ensure longer durability and life-cycle. 

(iv) The OCS 3 is an aluminium modular cantilever suitable for metro and mainlines up to 250km/h, and between 750V to 25kV. This system is has been successfully operating in several European and north African countries for over 20 years, and offer a high resistance to corrosion. The OCS 3 is easily adaptable to any mainline network independent of the conductors used, the system height or prevalent implantation. This product has also been successfully type tested for the World Bank-funded Dedicated Freight Corridor. 

(v) CLever is the newest Alstom aluminium modular cantilever with trolley design, up to 300km/h, from 750V to 25kV. It has been installed in European countries on 3kV networks, is totally modular and every configuration can be built with just 12 components. It can be installed quickly and can be easily adjusted on field. Thanks to its special cross-section, CLever guarantees high mechanical resistance, light weight, and failsafe assembly. Its horizontal adjustability of more than 500mm reduces the numbers of different configurations on track.

Alstom is committed to sustainable innovation in India and across the world and is in the process of boosting its engineering hub in Bangalore with bright engineering minds to spearhead fluid mobility worldwide.

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