Amir Levintal, CEO of Cylus shares perspectives on rail cybersecurity market, business travel in India, and opportunities

October is celebrated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), India is said to be becoming the fastest global capital, with mounting cases of cyber-attacks in the rail industry. Globally on average, a cyber-attack against critical rail systems occurs every 30 days.

  • In early 2021 we identified India as a focus market for rail cybersecurity. 
  • Following this travel to India, I am confident about the maturity of the market and am sure that we are on the right track to success. 
  • Customers recognize their cybersecurity gaps and are aware of the potential risks, and regulatory bodies, like MoHUA, are taking active steps to enforce cybersecurity.
  • Cyberattacks impact safety and several recent security incidents show that the threats are real and that there is an urgent need to deal with these risks. 
  • Strong IT and OT cyber security requirements and regulation should be the prime foundation but still, there is a lot to be done in India as currently a standard rail cybersecurity policy or guidelines has not been issued by the Indian regulators, Country Director commented.

“I trust we can protect rail companies in India and jointly develop a big and sustainable business thanks to our product which is deployed in India at Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited – Ahmedabad Metro project. It is an important milestone for Cylus, it will enhance existing rail systems’ cybersecurity capabilities” said by the CEO Mr. Amir Levintal.

Ashish Upadhyay, Country Director of Cylus, “Cylus has developed a portfolio of solutions and services, collectively named CylusOne TM, for the protection of railway assets against cyber threats. We are vendor agnostic and are tier-1 rail cybersecurity suppliers to major rail OEMs and railway companies. Cylus intends on doubling-down on its activities in the Indian market in 2022-2023”.

Source: Cylus-Press Release