An exclusive interview with Dr. I. P. Gautam on development of Metro rail in Ahmedabad

Dr. I. P. Gautam, IAS (Retd)
( Managing Director, Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Limited )

Mr. I. P. Gautam, IAS serves as Commissioner of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Shri. Gautam serves as a Director at Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited and Metro Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Ltd. He served as a Director of Torrent Power AEC Ltd. until October 28, 2005.


INTERVIEW with Dr. I. P. Gautam

Rail Analysis India : Firstly, congratulations on successfully completing the first trial for Ahmedabad Metro rail. What type of challenges were faced in the construction of the first phase of the Metro project and how did you manage to meet the challenge successfully?

Dr. I. P. Gautam : Ahmedabad Metro Rail project has faced several challenges while working on the project :

1. The focus was to connect the least developed area with metro connectivity i.e. from Vastral Gam to Apparel Park. In this area, the average road width was only 16 mtrs. to 20 mtrs. and nearly 500 people were affected because of the project. Rehabilitating and resettling these people paripassu with the construction activity was a major challenge which was successfully overcome through close co-ordination with AMC, State Govt. and affected residents.

2. “For the first time in the country, 8.5 kms of railway corridor was partially utilized by Ahmedabad Metro to construct metro line above the proposed broad gauge railway line. “

This was done through close coordination with Indian Railways while finalizing the alignment and also the design of metro structures on Railway line.

3. The third major challenge was seeking approval of the National Monument Authority (NMA) for the underground alignment passing through the old city and the regulated zones of the NMA. NMA was briefed about the various precautionary steps which have been taken by Ahmedabad Metro including making the alignment of underground corridor in order to ensure preservation of heritage.

Rail Analysis India : When will all rakes of Ahmedabad Metro arrive and what will be the timeline for the same?

Dr. I. P. Gautam : First and second Train set for Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase-I have been already arrived on 1st Jan 2019 and 14th Feb 2019 respectively at Apparel Park Depot.

“Remaining train set delivery will start by May/June, 2019 onwards by Hyundai Rotem Company, South Korea.”

Rail Analysis India : As we know, PM Modi is going to inaugurate the first phase of Ahmedabad Metro on March 4. What are the future extension corridors of Ahmedabad Metro Rail and what are the expected completion timelines for the same?

Dr. I. P. Gautam : North South corridor of Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Rail Project Phase-I is being extended from Motera Stadium to Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar (22.8 kms) and GNLU to GIFT City (5.4 kms) with the combined route length of 28.26 kms for which estimated completion time is 5 years.

Rail Analysis India : Please inform us more about the Phase-2 project of Ahmedabad Metro rail and what is the current progress on the same?

Dr. I. P. Gautam : Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Rail Phase–II has been approved from Central Cabinet Ministry and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) studies have been started. Further, Detailed Design Consultant for Phase-II work has also been appointed by GMRC.

Rail Analysis India : How did the Ahmedabad Metro rail impact public transport in the city?

Dr. I. P. Gautam : We would like you to highlight a few points to motivate citizen to travel in Public Transport,

  • Metro will care of future Traffic problems
  • Metro Rail system is a relief for city commuters because of the convenience it offers.
  • Metro Rail will definitely improve health of city and citizens through reducing carbon emissions and a major reduction in air and noise pollution
  • It will ensure a safer travel for woman, all the stations and coaches will be under CCTV surveillance
  • Now travelling in public transport will be much more comfortable
  • There is a huge potential of growth along the Metro corridors

Rail Analysis India : Any additional information about the Ahmedabad Metro you like to share with our readers?

Dr. I. P. Gautam : With the new form of public transport coming in the city, traffic situation will improve in the Ahmedabad city. Rapid urbanization in Ahmedabad has resulted in an exponential increase in vehicle population in our city roads. This has resulted in traffic jams, and major air and sound pollution.

“A well running Metro Rail system can be a major contributor for reducing carbon emissions in Ahmedabad city.”

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