An Exclusive Interview With Mr. K.V.B Reddy, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited.


Mr. K.V.B Reddy 

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited.



Rail Analysis : As we know Hyderabad Metro is largest PPP Metro project, please tell us more about the project and its interesting features?

Mr. K.V.B Reddy : As you are aware The Hyderabad Metro Rail Project is the World’s Largest Public-Private Partnership Project (PPP) in the Metro Sector. The Hyderabad Metro Rail Network covers a total distance of around 72 Km across three corridors :

Corridor I : Miyapur to LB Nagar
Corridor II : JBS to Falaknuma
Corridor III : Nagole to Shilparamam

The scope of the concessionaire – L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited is limited to these 72 kms i.e., Phase 1.

We are implementing this Project on a PPP mode under the Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) format. The bidding process conformed to the guidelines of the Government of India (Ministry of Urban Development, Planning Commission and Ministry of Finance). The Concession Agreement was signed by the SPV, L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited, with the then Government Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) on 4th September 2010.

It is one of the world’s largest PPP projects in the Metro Sector. It involves construction of around 72 km of elevated metro rail in three corridors crisscrossing the city of Hyderabad, along with an opportunity of 18.5 Million sq.ft of Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Eco¬ friendly elevated Metro Stations will be located at intervals of roughly a kilometre.

We have taken a quantum leap from the role of a contracting firm for metro rail projects to that of a concessionaire. L&T MRHL will be a harbinger on the global platform of metro rail and open new vistas for the Indian economy.

We believe that once completed, The Hyderabad Metro Rail Project will transform Hyderabad into one of India’s most preferred cities, with integrated urban transport planning using inter-modal connectivity and convenient sky-walks, which will mark the beginning of an era of seamless commuting in India.

Rail Analysis : What have been the technologies utilized in the Metro project which makes it truly special?

Mr. K.V.B Reddy : There are many important technical features. The prominent ones are listed below :

The Project has incorporated various features for a CDM. The trains will be using Regenerative Electric Braking thereby converting the momentum into electrical energy and feeding back to power supply system while braking. Stations are open and naturally ventilated.

We have adopted advanced signaling & Train Control technology, Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) for Hyderabad Metro to effectively operate the trains. Hyderabad Metro was the first project in India to adopt the CBTC technology.

We are using ‘Track Master’ – A unique instrument for checking the parameters of Track and to enhance the quality of track installation. This has been procured from M/s. Trimble USA.

This instrument is being used in India for the second time after Chennai, L&T is the first to introduce this technology in India, both in Chennai & Hyderabad.

Simulation Study based Track design : This type of designing the Track is being adopted for the first time in the Country. In this process, prior to the Track design, the probable speed of train in a particular stretch is determined by carrying out a simulation study. Based on this data the Track is accordingly designed only for that particular speed in that particular stretch. This avoids designing the Track for much higher speeds than required. This process has the following advantages :

1. Better ride comfort to the passengers.
2. Reduces the Rail and Wheel wear.
3. Reduces loading on the Viaduct and
4. Increases the productivity in Track installation

Rail Analysis : By When is the Ameerpet to Hitech city stretch of Hyderabad Metro expected to be operational?

Mr. K.V.B Reddy : The same has been made operational since March 20, 2019.

Rail Analysis : Please inform us more about the Hyderabad Metro Rail Phase-2 project and what is the latest progress on the same?

Mr. K.V.B Reddy : 1. Our scope is limited to these 72 kms i.e., Phase 1.

2. Phase 2 of the project is handled directly by the
Government of Telangana State.

Rail Analysis : Any additional information about the metro project that you would like to share with our readers? How has it impacted the life of the Commuter there?

Mr. K.V.B Reddy : We envision to create ‘The Metro Rail Experience’, deriving pride from exemplary service, enhancing value to all stakeholders and achieving progress through partnerships. We are committed to enhance the quality of life for the people through sustainable transport network, integrated with vibrant urban spaces, thereby fostering a culture of caring, learning and innovation driven by strong ethics and values.

We are creating urban space thorough integration of TODs (Retail Malls, Office Spaces, etc.,)and Metro stations by constructing skywalks providing seamless connectivity to passengers. Hyderabad Metro Rail is not a mere transport system, but a catalyst to change the lives of the Hyderabad is for better. While the transformation will become easy, it is this ease of getting the daily needs on the move along with weekend entertainment; through the retail innovation on metro station, which will change the lifestyles of Hyderabad forthwith.

Metro stations are largely used for seamless commute with some retail outlets fulfilling the daily needs of the commuters. HMR will uniquely cater to the needs of commuters as well as the non-commuters of its adjoining/adjacent neighbourhoods; due to its design as a foot over bridge, coupled with retail space. All these will catapult the real estate sector creating more vibrant urban spaces there by more economic opportunities and employment.

Major Developments :

  • Foot over Bridge at Paradise Metro Station : Easy and safe accessibility to areas across the road. Hyderabad Metro Rail takes another step towards providing ease and comfort to commuters. A new foot over bridge has now been opened at Paradise Metro Station for the passengers to easily cross the busy road and safely reach the nearby areas like Paradise Junction, Sunshine Hospital and Sindhi Colony.

  • Skywalk at Punjagutta Metro Station : We have always taken the extra mile to provide ease and comfort to all its passengers. We have recently opened a skywalk for public access where our passengers can directly enter the TOD mall from the metro station. This is a good way to avoid the additional traffic and pollution on streets and enjoy the outing.

  • Women safety is the key challenge when it comes to public transport and we have left no stone unturned when it comes to making the system secure for women passengers. We gave a special gift to all our women passengers on Women’s Day – Dedicated half coach in every train for female passengers with 24 seats in addition to the 7 seats reserved for ladies in Last/First coach.
  • Large pink signs inside coaches and on platforms have been placed which clearly mark out the Ladies Only section. While ladies’ coach, additional seats reserved for women in coaches, CCTV monitoring and the regular patrolling by station staff takes care of the major part, we also have an additional facility, implemented in November, to help in case there are any men in the Ladies Only section – WhatsApp Complaints. Anyone can send us a simple WhatsApp text with the Train Number and our team will track the train and inform the upcoming stations in its route. The station staff will board the train and request the male passenger to vacate the area. Our team also calls the customer to ensure the action was taken and to thank them for sharing their feedback.

  • Last and First Mile Connectivity measures have significantly improved and there are many options available once you deboard the train to reach your destination. We will introduce many more facilities to make travel safe and comfortable.

Station Facilities :

Free Drinking Water : Travelling can be tiring, especially during summers. To make the journey of our passengers even more comfortable, we have the facility of drinking water at all our metro stations without any extra cost.

Free Newspapers : Sometimes it can be difficult to get the latest news because of the travel schedules. But with Hyderabad Metro Rail, our passengers stay up to date with our complimentary newspapers in English and Telugu.

Free Wi-Fi : Available at selected stations to cater the needs of our passengers.

Free Washrooms : The convenience to our passengers is our utmost priority. We have washroom services available at all our metro stations which the passengers can avail without any additional cost. They are properly cleaned and maintained at regular intervals to avoid any inconvenience to our customers.

Lost & Found : Approximately 800 lost and found cases are reported till date. We have successfully returned 400 items to the customers.

This is not an easy task as it requires coordination across the entire stretch and Operations Control Centre (OCC). HMR staff have received more than 200 accolades and zero discrepancies / objections were reported in all such cases.

TSavaari App :

Well, as a solution to all these problems, we have developed an app called TSavaari, which is now available on Android and IOS platform on AWS Cloud. The app is an integrated transportation solution, which uses the inbuilt Journey Planner Foundation and Journey Planner Integrated Transport Experience algorithms with email / SMS notifications. This app developed by L&TMRHL not just allows passengers to plan their journey better, but at the same time doubles as an advertising platform for companies.

Rail Analysis : Lastly, congratulations for winning the award at Rail Analysis Innovation and Excellence summit 2019. What are your views and feedback about the same?

Mr. K.V.B Reddy : Thank you for the award and we appreciate the efforts of Rail Analysis India for their ongoing research, highlighting the concerns of the sector and recognizing the best practices followed.

Winning the Award at Rail Analysis Innovation and Excellence Summit 2019.

The conference and award ceremony have been well organized, and we feel that there should be more input on global perspective, global participation and sharing of best international practices.

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