An Exclusive interview with Mr. Mahesh Ahuja & Dr. Diego Politano

Please tell us about the company and what product you are showcasing here?

We are present in the country for the last couple of decades now and have been associated with Indian Railways since 30 years when the Indian Railways imported the technology of 3 phase locomotives and Secheron has been present in India since that time.

We are present here with some of our product range covering all the three Business Units which is ESS – Electrical Safety Solutions, TPS – Traction Power Systems and OBE – On Board Electronics.

Hasler rail has also been present along with the Secheron from now more than 25 years and we are making the equipment related to electrical safety and traction power system for high traffic routes and busy networks . It is now the part of the Secheron Hasler group which is utilizing Swiss technology . We are present in many places in the world including our robust team in India . Our components are used in the safety areas in the trains for speed detection and speed calculation along with the recording devices , which is in fact one of our famous products .


One of our main products : TELOC is a special system which is used for recording the parameters of the train and is also utilized for Juridical recording in case of accidents. It allows the operator to optimize his operation with our systems . We have our products focused on the protection of train along with multiple other new technologies.

We are here , presenting the event recorder that we are introducing in the market. In India , we are present here to offer to this growing market of trains with our technology, it is the state of art technology that our products use to offer the best solutions to our customers . We believe that this technology should be used everywhere in the freight locomotives area and also in the passenger locomotives area.


This allows better operations of the trains, better management of the fleet and most importantly also increases the safety of the passengers since our products are able to identify something went wrong during the operation . Further , we also present the energy meter and this allows together with the protection system of Secheron to not only protect the detraction of train but also to measure the usual energy consumption of the train . Nowadays the energy consumption is one of the biggest topics and this allows the customer to save money in energy consumption and it also gives a good contribution to the environment when it comes to energy saving .

In India , We are always keen to adopt the foreign technology but price is always a concern, would you have any suggestion that can solve this problem and how can we adopt modern technology vide making it very competitive and how is your company able to contribute to that ?

We have a local presence in India that allows us to use the local expertise that we are building up in India . This is allowing the Indian team to better understand the technology that we are presenting into the market. Our technology doesn’t have the price problem because our products need to be of the highest quality and when you have to buy quality products and they need to operate in harsh conditions , you need to do some investments in the quality of the product . Further , Our products are very robust from the mechanical point of view, from the quality of the production point of view and also from an engineering point of view . There is a lot of knowledge, combined effort and cutting edge technology that we offer and this lead to some cost , and our customers are convinced that the investment is necessary . Also in Indian market , Our clients need to ensure the best quality in the system and make sure that you get the best quality trains that are able to operate in this country for the next 30 – 35 years .

In the program of Make in India, which of your product is made in India particularly?

I will definitely like to mention the three phase locomotives which were imported by the railways and transfer of technology was done way back during 1993-95. From the Secheron group there were seventeen products supplied by Secheron Switzerland to ABB Switzerland which can be found in the locomotives today .

All the products are localized in the country except one item : the Contactor which is still being imported , basically because of the criticality and the technology and the investment involved to Make it in India and Hence , only this item still remains imported.

MBS Breaker Panel for DC Substation

We have also developed the new series of the Contactors which are electro-magnetic. Earlier, this used to be electro-pneumatic when the locomotives were supplied and technology transfer was done. We are now working with the Indian Railways for the new series of the Contactors.

Based on the 3 phase technology transfer locomotives are now indigenized and localized and they are now made by Chittaranjan Locomotives and import content is less than 10 percent.

In one sentence if you have to describe the company’s commitment to the cause of Indian Railways, what would it be?

I would say it is Safe technology ( Smart, Safe and Swiss ).

So how is your experience of the IREE this time?

Our response is very positive since it a very nice opportunity to meet customers and to have an exchange of ideas . It is very well organized and We are very pleased to be here.

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