An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Werner Zimmermann & Mr. Ranadip Basu

Please tell us about the company and what product you are showcasing here?

I (Mr. Werner Zimmermann, Rail Center Director) am heading the rail part of Trelleborg. We specialize in anti vibration solutions and I am in charge of the sales and engineering department focused on railway solutions with a team of 80 employees taking care of the customer demand and offering them specific solutions.

I (Mr. Ranadip Basu, General Manager) have been in the company for more than eight years responsible for sales , business development and operations in India. Globally , we are producing products for the rail industry since 1957 and we are here at IREE to focus on the Indian market and showcase our deep commitment to the railway sector in India.

Hydraulic Axle Guide Bearing

This year , we have invested in a new plant in Bengaluru where we have 7200 sq. mtr manufacturing capacity available to produce different kind of products which are in development now and We intend to make this as the Asian rail component center focused on India as well as for the other Asian countries. Further through this investment , We would like to engage with and avail of the immense benefit from intellectual capabilities of Indian team and also become capable to design components for rail engineering and also achieve capability to test the product.

Trelleborg India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

This allows us to provide our complete range of products and services to the requirements of the Indian Railway industry and also engage with local suppliers.

Indian Railways has a huge plan of modernization, so if you could tell us the three things that the Trelleborg would like to fit into their plan of things?

One thing is that in our competence which is also growing increasingly we are focused on supplying the air spring system that we have supplied for the last 20 years beginning from our UK plant and now we also produce these parts along with rubber metal parts in global partnerships which allows us to keep up with the market and also provide all kinds of capacity for air spring systems.

Secondly , We would like to share the innovations that we have been developing in India as well as in Europe in particular to allow their application in Railway projects in India with products such as Hydraulic Axle Guide Bearing , Spherical Bush etc These will help to improve the capabilities and prevent the Rolling contact fatigue. These products were introduced in Europe and after more than 10 years of commercial experience in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway , We are pleased to offer these products and their benefits to Indian Railways which will also allow the LHB coaches to move smoother.

Thirdly, we can add here the innovation side as the Rail requirements in India are becoming more and more fire resistant. So we already have something called as Dragon Coat which is a special proprietary coating that Trelleborg has developed. We have applied this coating on the external parts that reduce the heat and toxicity which is also what the Indian Railways is interested in.

In one line if you would like to give complete commitment to Indian Railways market what would that be and what is your response about the IREE this time?

I can give you a tagline “Being on track never felt better”. As for the event , we have got a fabulous response and On Day 1 , It was pretty tight because we had continuous meetings with other companies. This is a platform where people can connect with each other and also very good for allowing people to find new technologies and Innovations.

Trelleborg Booth Inauguration

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