An Exclusive Interview With Shri Ravinder Gupta, General Manager, Rail Coach factory, Kapurthala on production of coaches at RCF

Rail Analysis: Please let us know about you and your journey in Indian Railways and RCF, Kapurthala? What have been the most challenging projects you have come across in your eminent experience in Railways?

Shri Ravinder Gupta: I joined in Group-A services of Indian Railways through SCRA-Special Class Railway Apprenticeship in IRSME 1982 Batch. In tenure of more than 35 years of service so far, I got opportunity to work in ER, DLW, WR, SECR, CRIS, NFR, IROAF, Railway Board etc. in various capacities.

I am lucky to have worked in most of the areas in Indian Railway’s vast canvas including Marines, Steam and Diesel Locos, Cranes manufacturing, Coaching, Freight, Workshops, Renewable energy, EMUs and MEMU maintenance etc. Each job came with its own challenges. The Marhaura RCF is the first unit on Indian Railways to acquire ‘5S’ Certification. Diesel locomotive PPP project was indeed a great challenge and I am happy that it is moving on track.

I got chance to contribute many new things on Indian Railways like “Clean Train Station” system, Auto car wagons with highest carrying capacity in the world for 318 cars/Rake, Jan Shatabdi coach concept, High capacity Parcel Van, Long haul freight running etc.

My tenure as DRM, Malda Division/ER and coordinating all workshops & Production Units of IR as PEDME(W), Railway Board were very exciting assignments.

RCF is the first unit on Indian Railways to acquire ‘5S’ Certification.

Rail Analysis: In the reference of coach manufacturing unit of Indian Railways, we all know that RCF already carved a niche in the industrial scenario of the country at large and Indian Railways, so what are the future production targets for your unit for LHB, EMU, and DEMU production?

Shri Ravinder Gupta: RCF has always been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing of various variants of coach like AC 3-Tier, Garib Rath, all types of LHB coaches, Shatabdi, Humsafar, Gatimaan and Tejas running successfully on tracks. Presently RCF is looking forward to enhance its presence in local as well as global Railway market. RCF is manufacturing 3 phase MEMU train sets having features like Regenerative braking with up to 23% regeneration, CCTV surveillance system, air conditioned driver’s cab etc which shall roll out shortly.

Manufacturing rail coach in RCF Kapurthala.

I would like to position RCF as a manufacturer of best quality coaches and train sets and we are on our way.

RCF has recently designed and manufactured India’s first Parcel Van on LHB platform which is under oscillation trials by RDSO. RCF shall start its regular manufacturing after successful completion of trial. This coach will contribute significantly to Railway’s parcel earning.

Lucknow New Delhi Tejas Express – India’s first private train manufactured in RCF Kapurthala

Rail Analysis: Recently, Bio-Toilets have been installed in the Indian Railways completely. What has been the feedback for the same and also please let us know the status of the Vaccum Toilets and the future targets of installation?

Shri Ravinder Gupta: ‘Bio-Toilets on trains’ have been a revolution step in spreading cleanliness in India. Filthy, smelling stations and human waste falling on tracks are a thing of past. The scale and speed of this change has been breathtaking.
Our production units, workshops, open line personnel and our vendor partners have risen as one person to deliver this impossible. We have some issues with smell in toilets and our designers have found a number of solutions and approaches to solve this problem.

Bio-Vacuum toilets are also oriented at this. On the whole, this technical change has made Indian Railways one of the most environment friendly Railways with nil waste discharge from trains.

Rail Analysis: As we know that the first rake of Tejas coaches is capable of running at 200 Kmph which was rolled out last year, please let us know the new features added in this train and also what is the future program of Tejas? Will it be manufactured again?

Shri Ravinder Gupta: Tejas service is a signature premium product of the Indian Railways and we at RCF are proud to be the Tejas builders. RCF has manufactured and rolled out 04 Tejas rakes so far.

Passenger facilities and its special features are continuously improving.

Our latest rake incorporates features like automatic sliding door, stunning interior look by providing vinyl wrapping, providing Bio-vacuum toilets, more comfortable and adjustable chairs in executive car, powered louvers etc. These are at par with the best.

Tejas as a exclusive product of RCF Kapurthala has become the first corporate train of India run by IRCTC between Lucknow to New Delhi.

RCF team is committed to improve and provide best of class coaches to Indian Railways.

Rail Analysis: Please let us know if there are any components for which you are looking for more vendors since our readers will be pleased to enroll themselves as vendors, if not already so ?

Shri Ravinder Gupta: RCF Kapurthala is always looking forward for development of new potential vendors through various vender development programmes Some of the major items for which RCF looks for more vendors are: Mechanical items- Aluminum water tank (two piece design), FRP ceiling assemblies for LHB coaches, Side buffer for LHB power car coaches, Roll link for FIAT Bogie, Traction centre for FIAT Bogie, Spring pot for FIAT Bogie, Brake support for FIAT Bogie, Wood based impregnated compressed laminates, Decorative thermosetting synthetic resin bonded laminated sheets, Densified thermal bonded polyster blocks.

Electrical items – 24 V starter battery charger fro 500 kVA DA set, Simplified battery charger for BG/MG/AC EMU, Side light, Tail light LED type with flasher and VHF charging socket, Pump equipment with controller, Transformer 3kVA, 5 kVA & 60 kVA, Transformer oil cooler with blower motor, Main compressor with 110 Volt motor, Auxiliary compressor with motor, Roof feet insulators for pantograph and bus bar, Vacumn circuit breaker, Cable marking System and Modular integrated pantry for LHB type hot buffet coach.

New vendors may register themselves following registration processes mentioned on RCF website. Based on fulfillment of eligibility criteria and assessment of the firm for technical capability & financial capacity vendors get approvals for specific items.

Brake support for FIAT Bogie

We are in the process of issuing a transparent and convenient product/ vendor development policy with a single window to enhance ease of business with RCF. I am sure our vendor partners will feel the change.

Rail Analysis: Anything you would like to share with our readers?

Shri Ravinder Gupta: I would like to say that coach building is a unique opportunity for us at RCF and all our vendor partners to touch the lives of all Indians like nothing else to spread happiness with a message of quality, cleanliness and pride. We are glad to be a part of it. Jai Hind.

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