ARA Welcomes Commonwealth Commitment To The National Rail Program

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) today welcomed the Commonwealth Government’s commitment to delivering the $10 billion National Rail Program.

“It is very much welcomed news to our ears – We are pleased that the Commonwealth Government is determined to proceed with its $10 billion over 10 year investment under the National Rail Program,” said Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer, ARA.

“The ARA has worked vigorously on behalf of industry to advocate for enhanced funding that will bring economic, social and environmental benefits to Australia.

“We are pleased to see our energy and efforts are in the next stage of government planning.

“The criteria set by the Commonwealth Government is an important step in the establishment of the program across the critical areas of governance, eligibility, assessment processes and funding, and provides the jurisdictions and industry greater certainty on how the program will be implemented.

“Projects that will be announced as part of the program will provide the rail industry with the certainty it needs over the next decade.

“We look forward to working with government to support the National Rail Program’s implementation, as effective investment under the program will assist in reducing road congestion in urban areas, improve the liveability in our cities and improve long term planning to ensure the right infrastructure is built in the right place at the right time.

Furthermore, we will continue to work with government to ensure adequate infrastructure is in place to meet our growing population, separate freight and passenger movements in our cities and importantly enhance our safety outcomes.

Source: Australasian Railway Association  |  Image Credit: Australasian Railway Association