Bangalore Metro update: Tender invited for supply of Rails for Phase-2

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., (BMRCL) has invited tender through National Competitive Bidding (Single stage – Two Envelope System) for the “Supply of 60 E1 880 Grade Rails as per Indian Railway Specification T-12-2009 for Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2.

  • Tender No.: BMRCL/Phase-2/60E1 880 GRADE RAILS/RT01/2020/68
  • Name of the Work: Supply of 60E1 880 Grade Rails as per Indian Railway Specification T-12-2009 for Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2.
  • Tender Security: INR 40,00,000 lakh
  • Completion period of Work: 12 months
  • Sale of Tender document: From 10.07.2020 to 10.08.2020
  • Date & Time of Submission of Tender: From 13.08.2020 to 19.08.2020
  • Date of opening Tender: 20.08.2020
  • Date of Pre-bid Meeting: 26.07.2020
  • Venue of Tender Opening: BMRCL, 3rd Floor, BMTC Complex, Shanthinagar, Bangalore-560027

Instructions to Tenderers (ITT):


The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited is a joint venture enterprise of Government of India and Government of Karnataka entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of Bangalore Metro Rail project. The Phase-1 of the project which is already under operation consists of 42.3 km with 40 stations. The East West Corridor has 18.2 km and North South Corridor has 24.10 Km. The underground section, which is 8.80 km, has got seven stations including the interchange station of Majestic.

The Phase-2 of Bangalore Metro Rail Project consists of Four Extensions to the existing lines and Two New Lines with a total length of 72.095 km and 61 stations (49 Elevated and 12 Underground).

This Tender is for “Supply of 60 E1 880 Grade Rails as per Indian Railway Specification T-12- 2009 for Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2.”

Information & Requirements:

  1. Interested tenderers may submit the tender as a sole tenderer or in Joint venture. The maximum number of Members in a Joint Venture shall be restricted to TWO.
  2. In Case the Tenderer is not a Manufacturer but only a ‘Supplier’, then he will have to propose the Manufacturer from whom he will procure and supply the entire quantity of Rails.
  3. (a) Only bidders who satisfy the condition of ‘Class-I Local Supplier’ as per the clause 2.2 of EQC shall be eligible to participate in this bid. (b) A tenderer shall submit only one bid, either individually or as a partner of a JV. A tenderer who submits or participates in more than one bid either individually or as a partner of a JV will cause all of the proposals in which the tenderer has participated to be disqualified.
  4. In the case of tender submittal by a Joint venture, the required Joint venture data must be furnished in the format prescribed in the tender along with the relevant Qualification documents as mentioned therein. The following requirements shall also be complied with:One of the members shall be nominated as Lead member who is having more than 50% participation in the JV. Other members should have minimum participation of 10% individually and together totaling up to 100%. For the purpose of submission of tender proposals, the lead member is duly authorized to sign and submit all  documents and subsequent clarifications, (if any).
    • Details of the proposed joint venture in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by all participants (format placed at Appendix-6). MoU should indicate the percentage participation and the nature of works that will be executed by each member.
    • In case of a successful tender, the Contract Agreement shall be individually signed so as to be legally binding on all members.
    • In case of a successful tender, Joint Venture/Consortium Agreement shall be signed by all members (format placed at schedule-3).
    • The lead member as aforesaid shall be authorized to incur liabilities and receive instructions for and on behalf of any and all the partners of the Joint venture. 
    • All members of the joint venture shall be jointly and severally responsible for the execution of the Contract. 
    • Change in constitution or percentage participation of JV shall not be permitted at any stage after submission of bids.

Contact person and Place for (a) Purchase of Tender documents online only. (b) Seeking clarifications & Submission of tender :

General Manager (Contracts), Office of the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Third Floor, BMTC Complex, KH Road, Shantinagar, Bengaluru -560027, Karnataka, India.

Tenderers can download tender documents against online payment for INR 11,200/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand Two Hundred Only) inclusive of GST, from BMRCL website during the sale period of tender documents.

Source: BMRC-Tender | Image credit (Representational): HMRL