Bangalore Metro update: Tenders invited for providing APP Services for QR Code mobile ticketing and Recharge of Smart Cards

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In continuation to the tender for EOI invited for General Consultancy services for Rolling Stock, Signalling and PSD works of Reach-6 for Phase-2A & 2B, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has now invited the sealed Tenders (Single Stage-Two Cover System)for providing “B2C APP Services for QR Code mobile ticketing  and Recharge of Contactless Smart Cards (CSCs) in BMRCL AFC System”.

  • Tender No.: 4 AFC-PPI
  • Sale Start Date: 02/04/2021
  • Sale End Date: 01/05/2021
  • Last Date for Seeking Clarification: 20/04/2021
  • Date of Pre-bid Meeting: 21/04/2021
  • Date of Submission: 20/05/2021
  • Date of Opening: 20/05/2021

About the project:

  • Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) is the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of the Government of Karnataka and Government of India implementing the Bangalore Metro Rail Project. 
  • Phase-I of the Project comprises of 40 stations on two corridors; the East-West  (E-W) Corridor, of approximately 18.10 km length with 16 stations, out of which 4 are underground stations and the North-South (N-S) Corridor of approximately 24.20  km length with 24 stations, out of which 3 are underground stations. These two corridors are inter-connected for interchange of train rakes at Kempegowda (previously named as “Majestic”) underground Station, purely for operational purposes. The mode of traction is 750 V dc Third Rail. The track is  Standard Gauge (1435mm). Complete  Phase-Iis in revenue services since June 2017.
  • Phase-II of the Project consists of the four extensions to the Phase-I corridors  and  two new corridors.

Automatic Fare Collection System:

  • Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has implemented a state of art Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system for issuing tickets and collecting fare from the  commuters. Some of the key features of AFC system are:a)Technologies best suited for Metro Rail Transit system (MRTS) and recognized world-over b)Validation at entry and exit  using contactless smart  fare media-Contactless Smart Token (CST) for single journey and Contactless Smart Card (CSC) for multiple Journeys)Web/ mobile applications to top-up the contactless smart card through Internet)Auto-top of CSC through standing instructions to bank.
  • Bangalore Metro Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system has three-tier architecture – Central level, Station level and Station equipment level. The system is fully closed  and gated (Automatic Gates) separating station area into paid and unpaid area. 
  • The Central  Computer (CCS) controls all the AFC equipment installed at various  locations and collects usage data for generating reports/ reconciliation. Similarly, the Station Computer (SC) controls all the AFC equipment at stations. 
  • The Ticket Office Machines (TOM) and Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) are used for selling  tickets offline at stations. Portable Card Reader (CRD) and Remaining Value Checking Terminal (RVCT) are used for reading data encoded on tickets and  writing  the  stored value on smart cards recharged through online channels. Automatic Gates (AGs) are provided for controlling entry and exit from the paid and unpaid  areas at stations. The AGs are operated automatically through use of tickets. Gates update data on cards and tokens as passengers pass through. The station equipment sends the data to AFC Station computer (SC) through LAN for processing. SC further uploads this data to Central Computer for end-of-day processing and revenue and traffic reports.
  • Bangalore Metro AFC system is capable of processing contactless smart media  ISO/IEC-14443 Type A and ISO 18092 (NFC). It is also certified with EMV  Contactless Level 1 and level 2, Visa PayWave, MasterCard PayPass and RuPay SPARC. 
  • The EMV Contactless Smart Card Readers shall process EMV NCMC cards transaction offline as per the NCMC specifications & guidelines. The AFC System adopts a totally configurable fare structure. Fares can be configured based on Zone and Stations. 
  • The AFC back office systems  includes the Transit Payment gateway, which  communicates with NCMC Acquirer/ Issuer bank to authorize EMV transaction and  settlement of the transactions, Card Issuance and all NCMC cards Top-up transaction. 
  • The AFC system is also capable of accepting paper or mobile QR code tickets.

Open Loop Smart Card Ticketing System:

  • BMRCL has decided to support interoperable multi modal transit ecosystems by complying with NCMC (National Common Mobility cards) standards. Open Loop  Smart Card Ticketing System will contribute immensely towards the overall  improvement of the public transport network level of services, brand image,  accessibility, with the main aim to facilitate and/or increase the use of public   transport. The NCMC based ticketing system is under implementation and the service is expected to be made available to metro commuters shortly.

QR Code based Mobile ticketing:

  • In order to facilitate convenient and efficient ticketing options to metro commuters, BMRCL has decided to introduce QR code based mobile ticketing, wherein commuters will be able to buy QR code tickets using a smart mobile phone and travel in Metro by validating the mobile QR at AFC Gates. Thus, commuters can avoid standing in a queue at the Ticket office to buy a Token or recharge their smart card. The Phase-2 AFC system is already equipped with QR code ticketing infrastructure while Phase-1 stations are being upgraded for support of QR code ticketing. 
  • Tickets in the form of QR images shall be used for single journey / Group tickets as an alternative to cash based paper ticket and token. QR code  tickets shall be used in mobile phones or in Paper Media. 
  • The backend solution for QR code ticketing is being implemented by BMRCL as part of Phase-2 AFC project. The system is capable of integration with multiple third party service providers for sale of QR code tickets through their mobile apps or website   
  • The QR code ticketing eco system and interface specifications are under finalization by MoHUA. The Solution shall be based on those standards.

Tenderers can download Tender document from BMRCL website

Source: BMRCL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): BMRCL

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