BEML dispatches Suburban Train (MEMU) for Indian Railways

BEML has dispatched prototype of Mainline Electric Multiple unit (MEMU) to Indian Railways. The Main line electrical multiple unit (MEMU) with 3 phase onboard Propulsion system, is an existing Indian Railways approved Carbody design that has been adopted, re-engineered and developed by BEML on a contract from Indian Railways. .

The 3 phase Propulsion system is state of the art system consisting of IGBT based microprocessor controlled 3 phase drive with VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) control. The train has regenerative braking system for energy saving, and saves around 30% of energy thus reducing the carbon footprint. Energy saving LED lights are also used for illumination in the Coaches.

  • The train is equipped with. GPS based Public Address (PA) and Passenger Information system (PIS) with Cab to Cab communication.
  • Fire retardant furnishing materials are provided in the Coaches for passenger safety. The train has provision for interfacing with Auxiliary Warning System (AWS) and Train Protection Warning System(TPWS).
  • The prototype train consisting of 12 cars (3 Driving motor Coaches and 9 Trailer coaches) have been successfully inspected at factory by RDSO and cleared for Oscillation trials. The prototype train is dispatched on 30th May 2020 to Northern Railway, Ghaziabad.

BEML will be supplying 300 nos. Of MEMU coaches to Indian Railways.

Source: BEML – Press Release