BEML invites tenders for transportation of 42 Nos. of completely built metro cars

BEML LIMITED has invited tenders from reputed transporters having experience in movement of engineering equipments through hydraulic/mechanical trailers by road for transportation of 42 nos of completely built Metro Cars from BEML Ltd, Bangalore complex to designated depot of at BMRCL Bangalore.

BEML LIMITED invites tenders in three bid system as mentioned below:

  • Pre-Qualification Bid through Post/Courier/Online (Manual mode)
  • Technical Bid through BEML SRM Portal (E-mode)
  • Commercial Bid through BEML SRM Portal (E-mode)

Bid Processing Key Dates:

Last date for forwarding Queries if any, for clarification:19.06.2020 @ 14:00 PM
Last date for submission of bid.

Pre-Qualification Bid (i.e.EMD) through Manual/online Mode & Technical and Commercial bid through e-mode in BEML SRM Portal:

02.07.2020 before 14:00 PM
Opening of Pre-Qualification Bid:02.07.2020 @ 14:00 PM
Opening of Technical Bid:02.07.2020 @ 15:00 PM

Note : Pre bid meeting will not be conducted

Scope of Work

Lifting, Loading & Unloading Arrangement:

  • Position the lifting Beam under the front & Rear Bogie carefully.
  • Place the Bogie Stopper on the lifting beam to align center of Bogie.
  • Insert Wood Blocks under Side Frame center of Bogie.
  • Attach the lifting Spreader to the Cranes hook & check whether upper part of wire rope is twisted with Cranes Hook. Locate Cranes hook at the center over the Car.
  • Descend the lifting Spreader slowly & carefully. Use extra ropes that are attached to the lower end of wire rope to protect scratches on the Cars.
  • Fix the lower wire rope of lifting spreader Assy in wire rope hanger of lifting beam.
  • M-Car should minimise the droop of Carbody, using shackle & round sling on the opposite side of the droop part which is caused by declination of the weight.
  • Transporter must setup a signal communication between signalman & Crane driver and must follow the rule on set-up method, location of Crane on the ground etc.
  • Make sure that Cranes hook is located over the center of the Car. If not, you must move the Spreader to the center of the car in order to avoid leaning of Car to one side, which is very dangerous.
  • Raise the Cranes hook slowly & carefully and simultaneously monitor lower part wire rope is attached to lifting beam.
  • Ensure wire rope attached to lifting spreader is tight to protect Carbody from rolling and avoid force pulling the rope which may lead to lean to one side.
  • Position the trailer under the car when in lifted condition.
  • Descend the Car slowly on the skid pallet placed over the Trailer and fix the Bogie to the Skid pallet and load the car on the Trailer.
  • Remove the wire rope attached to lifting beam, lift the spreader ensuring ropes are protected to avoid scratches on the Cars and turn the crane arm for the next stage followed by stoppers & lifting beam.
  • Cover the Car with using Tarpaulin which should be scratch & water proof.
  • Standard methods to be adopted for Transportation & lashing of cars.
  • Transportation of Metro Cars should be escorted to avoid accidents, damages, thefts etc.
  • Follow the same methods for lifting & unload the car on the Rail at the depot. Ensure whether the direction is correct when unloading the car on the rail.

Major technical details of Metro cars to be transported:

  1. General Dimensions of Metro Car (Approx):
    • Length: 22.0 Mtrs,
    • Width: 3.0 Mtrs
    • Height: 4.0 Mtrs (from Rail Level).
  2. Tare Weight of Metro Car (Approx): 40.0 Ton/car

Tentative Delivery Schedule:

Delivery schedule to commence (Dispatch of cars) from July 2020 at 6 Cars per month.


  1. Exact dispatch date of metro cars will be intimated in the finalized purchase order / 10 days in advance
  2. Generally 3 or 6 metro cars have to be transported at a time.
  3. If insisted by BEML, the transporter should be able to position the trailer for transportation of one car also to BMRCL Depot, Bangalore at the sole discretion of BEML.

All Corrigenda, Addenda, Amendments, Clarifications etc if any to the tender will be hosted on BEML website only.

Source: BEML-Tender | Image Credit: BMRCL