Bentley Systems’ Going Digital 2019 Event for Advancing Infrastructure Attracts more than 330 Attendees in Mumbai

MUMBAI – Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading global provider of comprehensive software and digital twins services for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, recently held its Going Digital 2019 event in Mumbai. More than 330 infrastructure professionals attended the event, which featured live demonstrations of Bentley Systems’ solutions and services that help professionals learn how to integrate digital context, digital workflows, and digital components into their infrastructure projects, enabling better decision making for improved project outcomes and better performing infrastructure assets.

In his keynote presentation, Phil Christensen, senior vice president, Reality Modeling, iTwin Services, Bentley Systems, discussed how infrastructure digital twinsempower users with continuous and comprehensive design review, immersive visualization, and analytics visibility to understand the impact of change and predictively model the performance of a project or infrastructure asset in the real world. He highlighted the benefits of digital workflows and how organizations can use technologies such as 3D/4D visualization, reality modeling, mixed reality, and geotechnical engineering for immersive visualization and analytics visibility.

Phil Christensen said, “It was great to see such an enthusiastic turnout for our event in Mumbai. Digital workflows are becoming integral to every infrastructure project—from design through to operations. And what we’re demonstrating here is that going digital is not merely a convenience or a useful tool, it is a necessity for designers, engineers, constructors, and owner operators to make informed decisions, optimize asset performance, and ensure the resilience of cities, sites, and buildings. Leveraging digital twins for analytics and immersive visualization of real-time project and performance conditions is a vital piece of the going digital journey.”  

Participants attended insightful sessions with industry leaders from Siemens and Microsoft discussing digital twin technology and cloud solutions for industry to accelerate the digitalization of plants and smart infrastructure around the world. Paul King, industry sector director, construction, Bentley Systems gave a technology update on digital solutions and processes that can help initiate improvements in project performance and how companies that embrace emerging technologies can gain a strong competitive advantage. He also showcased Bentley’s project delivery solutions that are enabling better project team collaboration and safer, more efficient construction in the field.

The Going Digital 2019 event also included industry forums for attendees to learn about technology and solutions for their specific interests including Digital Cities;GeostructuralRail, Road and Airport; and Process Plant.

Bentley software users from India were recognized for their outstanding projects nominated for last year’s Year in Infrastructure Awards program.

Bentley’s next Going Digital 2019 event will be held on 19 September in Moscow.

About Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is the leading global provider of software solutions to engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure. Bentley’s MicroStation-based engineering and BIM applications, and its digital twin cloud services, advance the project delivery (ProjectWise) and the asset performance (AssetWise) of transportation and other public works, utilities, industrial and resources plants, and commercial and institutional facilities.

Bentley Systems employs more than 3,600 colleagues, generates annual revenues of $700 million in 170 countries, and has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions since 2014. From inception in 1984, the company has remained majority-owned by its five founding Bentley brothers. Bentley shares transact by invitation on the NASDAQ Private Market.