Besco secures INR 342 crore contract from Indian Railways for 800 wagons

Besco, a prominent railway equipment manufacturer, has clinched a significant contract from Indian Railways, amounting to approximately INR 342.20 crores. This substantial order entails the manufacturing and supply of 800 BOSM Wagons, highlighting Besco’s continued contribution to India’s rail infrastructure.

More Details:

In a recent stride, Besco the Railway equipment manufacturer, catering to the equipment of the Indian Railways and other railway systems globally, has received an order/contract from Ministry of Railways for the manufacturing and supply of 800 nos. BOSM Wagons. The contract amount is approximately INR 342.20 crores.

Brief about Contract Supply:

  • On satisfactory completion of inspection of wagons at the works of the manufacturer, RDSO should issue a Dispatch Memo to the Wagon Manufacturer authorising them to dispatch the wagons.
  • On receipt of above Dispatch Memo, Wagon Manufacturer should approach the nominated Train Examination Supervisor for issuance of ‘FIT TO RUN’ certificate.
  • On receipt of request from the Wagon Manufacturers, Train Examination Supervisor/ staff would examine the wagons and will issue the necessary ‘FIT TO RUN’ certificate for movement of the wagons up to the nearest station.
  • On receipt of ‘Fitness Certificate’ from the Train Examination Supervisor, the Wagon Manufacturer should approach the Station Master to take necessary action for drawing out these wagons from the siding of the Wagon Manufacturer.
  • The Station Master after drawing out these wagons from the siding of the Wagon Manufacturer would offer the same to the Train Examination Staff for Brake Power check and issuing of BPC so that these wagons can be utilised on the system.
  • The Station Master would advise DRM (Mech) of his Division and all concerned about the acceptance of these wagons in good condition based on the Dispatch Memo issued by RDSO and the BPC issued by TXR.
  • On receipt of above information from Station Master, DRM (Mech) would advise the owning Railway (the Ultimate Consignee) and all concerned of having accepted and put into the system the wagons supplied by the Wagon Manufacturer.

Delivery Schedule:


Delivery Schedule

1st Tranche of 1/3rd quantity order

To start after 1st July 2024 and completed by 31st December 2024

2nd Tranche of 1/3rd quantity order

To be completed by 30th June 2025

3rd Tranche of 1/3rd quantity order

To be completed by 31st December 2025

Besco’s achievement in securing this substantial contract underscores its pivotal role in bolstering India’s railway infrastructure, promising enhanced efficiency and capacity for the nation’s transportation network.

Source: Indian Railways – Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Titagarh