Bhopal Metro achieves 80 kmph in trial runs, advancing urban mobility

Bhopal Metro’s Priority Corridor work is progressing at a rapid pace, recently an operational speed of 80 kmph during trial runs was achieved. This achievement propels the city’s metro infrastructure forward, offering promises of faster and more efficient public transportation.

More Details:

The Bhopal Metro Priority Corridor work is progressing rapidly, with another significant milestone achieved. During the trial run and testing in the priority corridor section of the Bhopal Metro Rail Project, an operational speed of 80 kmph was successfully reached.

This achievement marks a crucial step forward in the development of the city’s metro infrastructure, promising faster and more efficient transit options for residents. The Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL), Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy congratulates the entire team on this achievement.

Brief about the Project:

Bhopal Metro Rail Project is an under construction Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) being built to serve Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh state, comprising two corridors of total length 27.87 Km (i) Karond Circle to AIIMS (14.99 Km) and (ii) Bhadbhada Square to Ratnagiri Tiraha (12.88 Km) which will connect major public nodes and city cluster areas of Bhopal.

  • The length of Karond to AIIMS corridor is 14.99 km, which is mostly elevated and partly underground (at Bhopal Railway Station & Bus Station) and comprises 16 Stations (14-Elevated and 2-Underground).
  • The length of Bhadbhada to Ratnagiri Tiraha corridor is 12.88 km comprising 14 stations all elevated.

  • The project will provide continuous availability of affordable, reliable, safe, secure and seamless transport systems in the urban agglomeration of the city, which will reduce the accidents, pollution, travel time, energy consumption, anti-social incidents as well as regulate urban expansion and land use for sustainable development.
  • The financing of Bhopal Metro Rail Project will be partly from GoI and GoMP on equal equity basis and partly as loan from European Investment Bank (EIB).
  • M/s DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH in consortium with M/s Louis Berger SAS and M/s Geodata Engineering S.p.A has been appointed as General Consultant (GC) for Bhopal Metro Rail Project.


  • The residential areas along these Metro Rail corridors shall be immensely benefited by this project, as the people of these areas will be able to travel on trains from their own neighbourhoods to reach different areas of the city conveniently.
  • The Karond to AIIMS corridor will pass through the heart of the city and connect densely populated areas with Bus Station, Railway Stations and AIIMS.
  • Bhadbhada to Ratnagiri corridor will connect upcoming Smart City’s Area Based Development (ABD) with BFIEL and surrounding industrial areas.
  • The metro will provide eco-friendly and sustainable public transport to residents, commuters, industrial workers, visitors and travellers.

Source: MPMRC | Images Credit:  Bhopal Metro

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