Bombardier is making a name for itself as a systems supplier

Since InnoTrans 2014 the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier has delivered 8,000 underground carriages and built 3,200 kilometres of new track. Speaking at his company’s press conference at InnoTrans 2016, Laurent Troger, CEO of Bombardier Transportation, used these figures to illustrate the dynamic nature of this sector.
“The prospects for public transport are good“, he said. However, in the future the focus will not simply be on supplying technology and providing maintenance capacity. Instead the industry will have to lend its support to all the operational aspects of public transport.
Bombardier has already signed joint venture agreements with 60 cities around the world and is represented by its transport solutions in over 200 cities, 41 of them in Germany. Projects range from airport shuttles to undergrounds and trams as well as regional and long distance express trains.
The display by Bombardier at InnoTrans includes the Talent 3 electric multiple unit. Its top speed of 200 kph is 40 kph faster than its predecessor, making it also suitable for intercity services, in Troger’s opinion. There is also an option to equip the train with traction batteries, enabling it to operate on stretches of track that are not provided with overhead power lines.
Under battery power the range depends on the specific requirements of the route, Troger said, quoting as an example a distance of between 50 and 100 kilometres at a maximum speed of between 80 and 120 km/h. The adaptability offered by a single form of transport could help operators to make considerable cost savings and save time for customers.

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