Braithwaite & Co. Limited invites EOI for empanelment of firms for supply of Fabricated Railway Track

Braithwaite & Co. Limited has now invited Expression of Interest (EOI) has invited for empanelment of firms for joint participation in tenders and / or execution of jobs related to Manufacture & Supply of Fabricated Railway Track items for export / Indian market as per EOI conditions.

  • EOI No.: BCL/PUR/EOI/Track Str/Export/Indg./2021-22
  • Name of work: Expression of Interest (EOI) is invited for empanelment of firms for joint participation in tenders and / or execution of jobs related to Manufacture & Supply of Fabricated Railway Track items for export / Indian market as per EOI conditions.

Intention of this EOI:

  • Braithwaite & Co. Ltd., (BCL) intends to enter into business for the export / Indian market of Fabricated Railway Track items. 
  • For this purpose & for effective participation in different tenders and / or for  subsequent execution, this Expression of Interest (EOI) is being invited for empanelment of vendors.

General Scope:

  • The jobs in general shall comprise of manufacture & supply of different fabricated  / steel items for Rly. Tracks as will be given in scope of work of different tenders  of prospective customers to be participated by BCL either on individual capacity or on JV / Consortium with the empanelled vendor(s). 
  • Accordingly, the job will vary on a case to case basis. 
  • The weight of each piece may vary tentatively in the range from 200 grams to 9 Kg or more or as may be required. 
  • The quantities will be quite large requiring substantial quantities for delivery in each month. 
  • For delivery, seaworthy packing as per requirement are to be carried out to the satisfaction of the buyer / buyer’s nominated agency. 
  • Vendor’s scope may also include execution of the job with own procured steel.
  • However, the broad nature of work may be Design (if necessary), Manufacturing / Procurement & supply, delivery to Port / Airport of different types of Railway Track Steel items. 
  • Any or Part or All these activities may be in the scope of vendor. 
  • The Track items made of steel may be sleepers, Tie Plates with or without Rail Seats, Dog Spikes, Clips, Fasteners etc for different Track Gauges. 
  • The specifications may be conforming to various international standards & specifications and / or Indian Railway specifications / Indian standards.

Mode of Ordering:

  • Based on responses to be received against this EOI, BCL shall shortlist the qualified bidders and make a panel. In the event of receipt of orders from customers against tender participation by BCL on individual capacity, execution will be taken up through selection of party by limited tendering amongst the empanelled vendors. 
  • BCL reserves the right to split the order quantity between L1 and other vendor(s) at a ratio 60:40 through counter offer if decided at the time of ordering. 
  • However, in respect of joint participation in tenders of customers & execution thereof, Consortium / JV agreement with the selected firm as per discretion of BCL from empanelled vendors will be executed separately for different tenders judging the scope and tender clauses case to case basis on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible Bidders:Bidder should be a PSU or a limited company. Documents are to be attached along with the offer. JV or Consortium bids are not allowed. Eligible bidders should also be a (1) Fabricator-cum-owner of Steel Rolling Mills / Re-roller of Steel Sections or (2) a Fabricator having valid tie up / collaboration with Steel Rolling Mills / Re-roller of Steel Sections. The said Rolling Mills / Re-rolling unit must meet the following:

  • They are engaged in manufacturing of Iron & Steel in primary / semi-finished forms, Hot Rolled & Cold Rolled products of at least 1,00,000 MT per annum. 
  • They should be approved vendors for supplies to Railways / related organizations. 
  • They should have manufactured & supplied products under inspections by RITES or SGS or LLyods or IRS or similar reputed inspection agencies in respect of  Railway Products.

About Braithwaite & Co. Limited:

  • Braithwaite was established in 1913 as the Indian Subsidiary of Braithwaite & Co. Engineers Limited (U.K.), for undertaking fabrication of Structural Steel Works. The Clive works in Calcutta commenced manufacture of wagons for Indian Railways from 1934.
  • In the meanwhile the Company was incorporated in erstwhile Bengal as Braithwaite & Co (India) Ltd on February 28, 1930. In 1960 Braithwaite’s Angus Works located at Bhadreswar, Dist. Hooghly was set up for manufacture of Cranes, Foundry products, Machinery Components etc. 
  • The Project Division at Calcutta was established in 1978 to execute turnkey projects for material handling plants. 
  • In 1987 Victoria Works was taken over, which is equipped with all facilities for manufacture of Pressure Vessels, Railway Wagons and Heavy Structurals for Bridges and other engineering applications.
  • Braithwaite & Co Limited was registered and incorporated on 1st December 1976 as a fully owned Govt. of India Undertaking. 
  • The company today has three units – Clive Works, Victoria Works both in Calcutta and Angus Works (in Hooghly District), West Bengal. With effect from 6th August, 2010 the administrative control of the company has been taken over by the Ministry of Railways.

Bidders who are interested to participate in the tender may also download the tender document from our Website

Source: Braithwaite & Co. Limited-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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