Bullet Train project propels Indian cement and construction industry to new heights

The Indian cement and construction industry is significantly boosted by the Bullet Train project, approx 20,000 cubic metres of concrete, equivalent to the volume used in constructing eight 10-storey buildings, is being utilised daily across Gujarat and Maharashtra. Till date, 78 Lakh cubic metres of concrete have been used, underscoring the project’s massive scale and its impact on the construction sector.

More Details:

The Bullet Train Project, spearheaded by the National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), is giving a substantial thrust to the Indian cement and construction industry. To execute this monumental task, 65 specially designed and manufactured concrete batching plants have been established along the corridor. This extensive operation highlights the project’s massive scale and its significant impact on the construction sector, driving both infrastructure development and economic growth.

Some Key Insights on Project:

  • Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project with its 508 km alignment, 12 stations, 24 river bridges, 8 mountain tunnels and one undersea tunnel is an infrastructural marvel in the making.
  • This project is providing a major boost to the construction industry, employment opportunities and skill development of the workforce.

  • High quality construction technology is being adopted for this mega project. 
  • About 20,000 cubic metres of concrete equivalent to 8 buildings of 10 storey each is being used every day for the bullet train project across the states of Gujarat & Maharashtra.
  • Till date, about 78 lakh cubic metres of concreting work has been completed by deploying 13 lakh large transit mixers.
  • This scale of work is made possible with the dedicated working of about 20,000 workmen every day for the last 2 and half years resulting in significant employment generation.
  • To carry out this mega work, specially designed and manufactured 65 concrete batching plants have been set up along the corridor.

The highly awaited Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project’s impact on Indian cement and construction industry marks the multidimensional advantages of such high-tech and complex infrastructural projects on the economy including that on various industries involved and inspires further world class development in the country.

Source: NHSRCL – Press Release | Images Credit: NHSRCL

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