Central Railway ticket checking revenue highest during April 2021- 16th March 2022

Central Railway in its endeavor to provide better services to bonafide rail users and also to curb ticketless travel, has regularly conducted intensive ticket checking drives against ticketless and irregular travel in Suburban, Mail, Express, Passenger and special trains. 

  • Further to curb revenue leakage, Central Railway vigilance team along with ticket checking staff also conducted such drives against ticketless travel.  
  • During the period from April 2021 to 16th March 2022 (1.4.2021 to 16.3.2022) a total of 33.30 lakh cases were detected and a revenue of Rs.200.85 crore realised which is the highest in terms of cases and revenue among all Zonal Railways.
  • These are highest ever earnings of Central Railway despite Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Mumbai Division has detected 12.93 lakh cases of ticketless and irregular travel realizing Rs.66.84 crores which is highest amongst all divisions of Central Railway.
  • Bhusaval Division detected 8.15 lakh cases of irregular travel realizing Rs.58.75 crore, Nagpur Division realized Rs.33.32 Crore from 5.03 lakh cases of irregular travel, Solapur Division detected 3.36 lakh cases of irregular travel realizing Rs.19.42 crore and Pune Division detected 2.05 lakh cases of irregular travel and realized Rs.10.05 crore. 
  • The Ticket checking squads of Headquarters also detected 1.80 lakh cases of ticketless and irregular travel and recovered Rs. 12.47 crore.


  • In addition to above during this period in all 56,443 persons were detected for violating Covid appropriate behaviour and not wearing masks and a penalty of Rs.88.78 lakh was recovered from them.

Source: Central Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR