Chennai Metro inaugurates Automatic Train Wash Plant at Wimco Nagar Metro Depot

Chennai Metro Rail Limited has been utilizing advanced technology to make significant improvements in its transportation system. Automatic Train Wash Plant for exterior cleaning of metro trains and mobile lifting jack for its Rolling Stock Lifting and maintenance inaugurated at Wimco Nagar Metro Depot.

More Details:

  • The Automatic Train Wash Plant and Train Mobile Lifting Jack for the Rolling Stock Maintenance were inaugurated by the Managing Director of CMRL, Mr. Rajesh Chaturvedi, Director (System & Operations), CMRL, at the Wimco Nagar Depot.

Automatic Train Wash Plant:

  • The Automatic Train Wash Plant is in the Elevated section at Wimco Nagar Depot, which is a significant advantage as it allows for quick and efficient external cleaning of trains without disrupting the daily operations of CMRL. This helps to maintain clean, safe, reliable, and comfortable trains for passengers.
  • Cleaning system of the WASH plant for train uses a detergent solution, high pressure water jet, and rotating brushes. It cleans the front and rear exterior of the coaches in multiple stages. The plant also has an Effluent treatment system and water-softening plants to use soft water for washing and rinsing the train.
  • The water consumption of the Automatic Train Wash Plant for CMRL trains is calculated and monitored to ensure maximum efficiency. The facility is equipped with automatic sensors that start the washing process at the time the train enters the wash plant.
  • To wash one four-coach train set, the plant uses 2000 litres of water, out of which 1600 litres (80%) is recycled and reused. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete washing of one number of the four-car train set of CMRL.

  • Furthermore, a camera-based monitoring system is installed to remotely monitor and control the washing process from the control centre located at Wimco Nagar depot.
  • Moreover, the Automatic Train Wash Plant is contributing to reducing maintenance costs, extending the lifespan of the trains, maintaining hygiene and maintaining cleanliness thereby better service to passengers.
  • This sustainable approach is not only beneficial for Chennai Metro rail operations but also for the environment. It highlights the Chennai Metro rail efforts to prioritise eco-friendly practices and promote a greener, cleaner city.
  • The Automatic Train wash plant at WIMCO Nagar Depot is supplied by M/s Swastik Overseas, Delhi and Manufactured by M/s Wilcomatic Wash System, Germany.

Mobile Lifting Jack:

  • The Mobile Lifting Jack is a train lifting mechanism used for underframe inspection and major overhauling of Rolling stock. It is an essential piece of equipment for carrying out overhauling of Rolling stock.
  • The jack installed in the Wimco Nagar depot can lift a train in assembled condition without the need to uncouple the cars. The mechanism consists of 16 car body supports and one control panel.
  • The important feature of the facility is that the JACK is able to lift a CMRL train as a whole, without dismantling the cars.
  • Mobile Lifting Jack is mainly used for bogie removal and underframe equipment removal as well as replacement. Once the train is lifted, individual bogies are disconnected and can be lowered, making it possible to replace them without the need for any other heavy lifting equipment.
  • With the installation of this Mobile Lifting Jack at the Chennai Metro Wimco Nagar Depot, the depot is now fully equipped for undertaking major overhauling of Rolling Stock (Metro Trains).
  • This Mobile Lifting Jack is installed with all the required safety features, such as emergency stop, limit switches, and an emergency alarm. It was installed by M/s Renmakch India Pvt Limited.
  • Mr. A. R Rajendran, Chief General Manager (Rolling Stock) along with Mr. S. Satheesh Prabhu, AGM (RSO), CMRL officials and executives were present during the occasion.

Source: Chennai Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Chennai Metro

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