Chennai Metro to install Digital Display Screens in all its 52 trains

The Chennai Metro Rail limited (CMRL) is planning to install Digital Display Screens in all its 52 trains. These screens will provide visual & audio broadcasting of automatic route-related information & advertisements.

More Information:

  • The CMRL has invited bids for the implementation of the proposed project called as RAVIS (Route related Audio and Visual Information System) inside the train to meet all the route-related announcement requirement of existing corridor of CMRL Phase 1 along with the new extension of Phase-1.
  • The New Digital route map would display pictographic or video content with audio on the route related information, according to the proposal.
  • Also, the DRMs (Dynamic Route Maps) would Display advertisement without audio.
  • The New System will be synchronised with the existing 2 frontal LED dot matrix displays & 8 internal LED dot matrix displays in each train with the required route & announcement related information.
  • New Input output HMI (Human Machine Interface) console will be mounted inside both driver cabs which will be accessed by Train operator for various functionalities
  • such as playing pre-recorded audio announcements, recording and playback voice input and text to speech conversion for playback.
  • Existing RS485 based communication lines within each CAR could be utilized for new DRMs
  • The DRMs Would Display Direction of travel, current dynamic location of the train, approaching station, current metro station, important landmark areas near to stations in geographical map view, complete route of CMRL network & location mapping &  any other important information, a CMRL official said.
  • Besides, it will display ambient train data such as running speed, humidity, temperature etc.

Image Credit: Chennai Metro