Chennai Metro Update: 2.30 lakh passengers recorded to have travelled in september, 2022

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CMRL has always endeavoured to provide the people of Chennai a safe, efficient and a reliable travel partner.

More details:

  • CMRL has been witnessing a gradual increase in its passenger count since January 2022.
  • The gradual increase in passenger flow was only possible through several amenities and facilities provided by CMRL to its passengers.
  • The highest passenger flow details from January 2022 to August 2022 are as follows:
S.No Date Total Number of passengers travelled
1 03.01.2022 1,35,977
2 28.02.2022 1,43,252
3 28.03.2022 2,10,634
4 25.04.2022 1,74,475
5 26.05.2022 1,91,720
6 03.06.2022 2,02,456
7 27.07.2022 1,97,307
8 29.08.2022 2,20,898
  • In continuous with this, yesterday (12.09.2022) a maximum of 2,30,611 passengers travelled in Chennai Metro trains.
  • In this, the maximum number of 21,419 passengers travelled at Purathchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Metro, 11,189 passengers at Tirumangalam Metro, 10,599 passengers at Guindy Metro and 10,289 passengers at Airport Metro Stations.
  • CMRL offers a 20% discount on Mobile QR Code ticketing (Single, Return, Group Tickets and Q.R Trip passes). Additionally, 20% discount fares are also available on Metro Travel Cards.
  • CMRL wishes to thank its passengers for their continuous support and cooperation.

Source: Chennai Metro -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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