Chennai Metro Update: TBM breakthrough at Venugopal Nagar Shaft of Phase-II

Chennai Metro Rail Limited has commenced the expansion of the Chennai city’s metro rail network as part of Phase-II after the successful completion of the Phase-I and Phase-I Extension Corridors in stages since June 2015 and the growing ridership in Corridors 1 & 2.

More Details:

  • TBM Anaimalai (S-98) was manufactured by the world renowned Australian TBM company M/s Terratec and shipped to the Chennai Port by Tata Projects Limited from China. This TBM has been transported to the site at Madhavaram Milk Colony and lowered into the North side launching shaft in the Up Line.
  • CMRL has ventured into an extensive infrastructure development in the city comprising three more corridors of metro rail for a total length of 116.1 km being funded by several multi-national funding agencies including the JICA, ADB, AIIB & NDB.

  • Corridor 3 comprising total alignment length of 45.4 km from Madhavaram Milk colony to Siruseri Sipcot will be spanning across the north to south direction of the Chennai city and has a total of 28 underground stations and 19 elevated stations.
  • Corridor 4 is an east west alignment for a length of 26.1 km connecting the beach front from Light House station to the Depot at Poonamallee has 9 underground stations and 18 elevated stations.
  • Corridor 5 also begins at Madhavaram Milk colony and connects through Koyambedu, Porur, Alandur and other residential/commercial development of the city to Shollinganallur for a total length of 44.6 km with 6 underground stations and 39 elevated stations.
  • There will be a total of 23 TBMs working in the Chennai city for building the extensive network of underground tunnels of Phase-II which includes new TBMs imported for the works and TBMs remanufactured in India. These TBMs shall be launched and retrieved multiple times till completion from the shafts at various locations.
  • Out of Total 23 TBMs, 13 TBMs arrived at locations wherever required for launching purpose. The balance 10 TBMs will progressively arrive and start tunnelling operations. The tunnelling work in Corridor 3, 4 & 5 underground sections of 42.6 km is being executed through various contracts with these 23 TBMs.

  • The tunnel construction for the first 9 km underground section of Corridor 3 from Madhavaram Milk Colony to Kellys is being executed through M/s Tata Projects limited and mobilised 7 TBMs for the works.
  • The TBM tunnel drive started on 16th Feb, 2023 from Madhavaram Milk Colony Station to Venugopal Nagar Shaft, covered a bored tunnel length of 415m and break-through at Shaft by 07th Jun, 23.
  • TBM Servarayan (S-99) started on 05th May, 23 from Madhavaram Milk Colony Station to Venugopal Nagar Shaft in Down Line, Completed 50m Tunnel drive and expected to break through on 25th Aug, 23.
  • Managing Director of CMRL Mr. M.A. Siddique, Mr. T. Archunan, Director (Project), Mr. Livingstone, CGM (PP&D), Tmt. Rekha Prakash, CGM (PD), Mr. J. Krishnamoorthy AGM (UG), Tata Project Manager Mr. Ramesh, other officials and staff of CMRL and Tata Projects were present during the event.

Source: Chennai Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: CMRL