Chennai Metro Update: Tender invited for Project Management Consultant to monitor various CMRL construction and maintenance works at various locations

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited digitally signed open e-tender through e-procurement portal for Engagement for Project Management Consultant (PMC) to monitor the civil, structural, architectural, MEP works for CMRL construction works in Phase-1, Phase-1 extension projects, other project works and maintenance works at various locations.

  • Tender Reference Number: CMRL/CON/PMC- 01/2022
  • Name of Work: Engagement for Project Management Consultant (PMC) to monitor the civil, structural, architectural, MEP works for CMRL construction works in Phase-1, Phase-1 extension projects, other project works and maintenance works at various locations.
  • EMD: INR 4,80,000 Lakh
  • Duration of Contract: 1095 Days
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 03rd November, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 12th December, 2022
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 22nd November, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 05th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 12th December, 2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 13th December, 2022

Scope of Works:

  • Ensure Quality Assurance Procedures have been prepared, approve materials and sources of materials, review all concrete mix designs proposed by the contractor and approve/suggest modifications in the mix design, concrete placement methods, sampling and testing procedures and Quality Control measures to ensure the required standard and consistency in quality is achieved.
  • Ensure the contractor prepares and implements a suitable Operational Health Safety and Environmental plan.
  • Check the laboratory and field tests carried out by the contractor and carry out independent tests to verify the regular testing done by laboratory personnel
  • Witness materials and equipment required to be tested before & after dispatch to site
  • Review and approve contractor’s method statement
  • Review and approve contractor’s Existing building survey, building assessment report including support measures etc.
  • Instruct special tests of materials & works and instruct removal & substitution of improper materials & works as required
  • Monitor and check the day-to-day quality control
  • Direct the contractor in all matters concerning construction safety and care of the works  (including the erection of the temporary signs at roadworks) and if required, instruct the contractor to provide additional lights, guards, fencing and watchmen etc.
  • Direct the contractor to carry out all such works or to do such things as may be necessary in their opinion to avoid or reduce risk in any situation affecting the safety of life or of adjoining property
  • Carry out regular safety audits at site to ensure adoption of safe construction practices by the contractor and to seek rectification of unsafe construction practices
  • Direct the contractor to take all necessary steps to protect the environment affected by construction operations, whether on or off the site.

The other responsibilities of the PMC are broadly listed below:

  • Prepare, in consultation with the Client, a Construction Supervision Manual outlining  routines and procedures to be applied in contract administration and construction supervision
  • Maintaining daily diary which shall record events pertaining to the construction safety and quality, including instructions given to the contractor or any other information which may at a later date be of assistance in resolving queries which may arise concerning execution of the works.
  • Prepare and issue monthly quality audit reports along with detailed quality control test statements in an approved format.
  • Provide technical assistance to the Client in the event of any arbitration and litigation that may arise with regards to the execution of the works.
  • Assist the Client in taking over each completed section, (in particular) by preparing lists of deficiencies which need to be corrected and assisting with monitoring of the performance of the outstanding works during the defect liability period.
  • Provide technical assistance to the Client in responding to any audit/technical enquiries that  may arise with regards to the execution of the works Prepare revised estimates, if required.
  • Carry out any other duties relevant to the project agreed during the negotiations.
  • Review as built records of the contractor.

Supervision of construction contracts:

  • Visit the site of work, at intervals mutually agreed upon, to inspect and evaluate the Construction works and where necessary clarify any decision, offer interpretation of the drawings/ specifications, attend meetings to ensure that the project proceeds generally in accordance with the conditions of contract and keep the client informed and render advice on action, if required.
  • The PMC shall depute the staff provided on a full time basis at site for the total period of construction.
  • The Employer shall mobilise or demobilise the key staff of the PMC, during construction phase, on the basis of actual project requirements to ensure that they are deployed only when needed and not otherwise.
  • The PMC shall nominate the Team Leader. He will interact with the Contractor and the Client and discharge all the delegated duties and responsibilities of the “Engineer”.
  • Consultant shall check the quality of work as per approved drawings & QAP, all quality control/Assurance records and safety records, all material brought to site for execution and attend site meetings with the contractors and give site decisions for execution of work to the contractors in writing.
  • Site personnel should be present at site during working hours, including holidays when  work is in progress. The Consultant shall make alternate arrangements for any leave/holiday of the Site personnel.
  • CVs for the PMC personnel shall be approved by the Client. The date of start of supervision activity will be the date of commencement of work for the construction contracts or the date from which the CV is approved whichever is earlier.
  • Obtain employer’s approval for any material deviation in design, cost, working drawings, schedule, and specifications from the approval scheme.
  • Assist the client in obtaining service connections and NOC & occupying certificates from local authorities.
  • Certifying additional cost and approving new rates for existing items of work, which arises from variation in quantities beyond the limits defined in the contract or for non-priced extra items of work. Proposed rates with detailed rate analysis should be submitted to CMRL for approval. (In consultation with the employer)
  • Issuing the instruction for special tests not provided for in the contract and approving the cost of such tests which shall be added to the contract price. (In consultation with the employer) Issuing or approving Technical Specifications, if not provided for an item of work.

Operation and Maintenance Works:

  • Attending the Regular and Routine inspection in Corridor 1 and 2 Tunnel with Engineer In-charge. (Work to be done only after revenue hours).
  • Attending the Regular and Routine inspection in all Metro stations and cut and cover with Engineer Incharge. (During daytime)
  • Supervision of tunnel grouting works in Phase- I section including station boxes and identification of leakage points and preparation of compliance reports as prescribed by the employer.
  • The work also includes periodical inspections to find recurrence locations in the grouted points and reporting of the same. Ensuring the quality of work  and certification of quantities is also the work of the PMC’s engineers.
  • Verifying and certifying the quantity of chemicals used for grouting to enable billing.  Conducting inspection to find any re-occurrence Ensuring Safety adhering to standard operating procedure of CMRL.
  • Verification and certification of the quantity of work performed with respect to BOQ.
  • Conducting regular Inspection in Viaduct of Corridor 1 and 2 with Engineer In-charge. (Work to be done only after revenue hours).
  • Coordination between contractor and CMRL operation team for availing permit to work.
  • Monitoring of Grouting contracts and attending the leakages as per the method statement.
  • Supervision of via-duct maintenance works including drainage arrangements. Preparation of list of locations requiring corrective maintenance including co-ordination with the contractor to carry out the works ensuring quality. Physical verification of the quantum of work done by the contractor and preparation of daily progress reports.
  • Supervision of roof closure and glazing works (in phase 1 corridors) ensuring quality and safety. Maintenance of proper record of the dismantled roof sheets and other items.
  • Supervision of plumbing and drainage system rectification works. Maintaining material inventory and raising requirements in advance to procure the same.
  • Supervision of other works carried out by O&M wing including day to day maintenance works at stations, co-ordination with the zonal contractor to rectify the faults reported by the operations wing.

Duties and Responsibilities of the PMC:

  • The duties of the consultant will be to properly supervise the works, approve the materials & workmanship of the works and facilitate the timely completion of the project. The consultant will administer the construction contracts and will ensure that the contractual clauses,  whether related to quality or quantities of work, are complied with.
  • The consultant shall have no authority to relieve the contractor of any of their duties or obligations under the contracts or to impose additional obligations not included in the contracts.
  • The duties of the consultant will also include the issue of decisions, certificates and instructions as specified in the construction contract documents.
  • Assist the contractor to prepare the As-Built Drawings by releasing soft/ hard copy of contract drawings and reviewing and commenting on the contractor’s draft submissions.
  • The PMC shall carry out the Services in accordance with best industry practices, in compliance with the provisions of the Agreement.
  • The PMC as a professional and experienced services, shall accept full responsibility for the correctness and technical merit of the services performed.
  • The PMC shall assist the Employer/ Employer’s representative in obtaining the necessary design and regulatory approvals from the appropriate authorities for the stations, depot, and any other associated joint developments.
  • The activity of Master Plan and its related works shall be done at one time. The subsequent activities shall be taken up in phases as per the advice of CMRL based on priorities and requirements of the Institute and availability of funds.
  • The broad scope of services is classified in terms of activities. All the incidental services related with pre-construction phase, construction and post construction phase including additional related details, approvals, completion/ occupancy certificates etc. shall be deemed to be included in the scope of services of consultant. No extra payment shall be made for such incidental services.
  • Any approval of the drawings by the Client shall not hold the Client responsible for any lapses or mistakes and the PMC shall be totally responsible for the same.
  • Review Shop/ fabrication drawings and other drawings submitted by the contractor and be available for any clarification, review the work for compliance with the design and carry out design changes required during construction including testing and commissioning of the  installations.

Review Committee to monitor the PMC’s works:

  • A Review Committee composed of officers from CMRL shall review the progress of the work and approve the PMC’s payment.
  • The Review Committee and the employer’s representative will review the reports submitted by the PMC and will give suggestions and modifications, if any, within 15 days of receipt.
  • The same may be incorporated in the final reports or concerned documents. The Review Committee may also hold meetings with the PMC as necessary to discuss reports submitted and review the progress.

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: CMRL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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