Chennai Metro update: Tenders invited for construction of elevated Metro stations on corridor-4 of Phase-2

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited tenders for the Construction of Elevated Metro Stations at Power House, Vadapalani, Saligramam, Avichi School, Alwartiru Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Karambakkam, Alapakkam Junction, Porur Junction for Phase-2 project, Corridor-4.

  • Package No: C4-ECV 01
  • Name of work: Construction of Elevated Metro Stations at power house, Vadapalani, Saligramam, Avichi School, Alwartiru Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Karambakkam, Alapakkam Junction, Porur Junction & Associated Viaduct from Chainage 10027.102 to Chainage. 17982.240 & All Associate Works
  • Tender Security: INR 16 Crores or equivalent amount
  • Period of work: 1080 days
  • Time and Date of Pre-Tender meeting: 27-08-2020 at 17:00 hrs.
  • Bid Opening Place: Admin Building CMRL
  • Bid Submission End Date: 12-09-2020
  • Clarification End Date: 01-Sep-2020
  • Submission of Tenders online: 12-10-2020 upto 17:00 hrs.

Scope of work:

The Permanent and Temporary works shall comprise the Construction of all Civil Works, Architectural works, Signages, Plumbing & Drainage works and Temporary services necessary to complete the Elevated Stations & viaduct section and complete all as per the Employer’s Drawings and the Works Requirements. The Elevated Viaduct starts from the pier after Meenakshi College Under ground station upto Chennai Bypass Crossing station (excluding) and the stations are:

  1. Power House
  2. Vadapalani
  3. Saligramam
  4. Avichi School
  5. Alwartiru Nagar
  6. Valasaravakkam
  7. Karambakkam
  8. Alapakkam Junction
  9. Porur Junction

The Permanent and Temporary works shall comprise the Construction of all Civil Works and Temporary services including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Survey including Topographic Survey, Utilities Investigation and diversion, Traffic diversion in addition to the information given in these tender documents; and
  2. Site clearance, including tree felling, fencing, barricading and securing of the site areas and works areas to the satisfaction of the Engineer;
  3. The demolition or slicing (wherever required) of existing buildings and other structures which may or may not be explicitly shown in the Employer’s Drawings; the exact shape, size numbers and locations to be confirmed by the Contractor. The slicing shall be carried out in such a manner that the remainder of the building after slicing is structurally stable; after slicing the remaining part of building shall be strengthened and separate access staircase shall be provided to the occupants in all floors if required; and
  4. Strengthening of buildings, after slicing to ensure structural integrity and safety of the buildings.
  5. Setting up of casting yard at suitable location as per the requirement of the project to achieve the Key Dates given in Appendix 2B of Section VII, Part 2 of this document.
  6. Diagonal Cross trenching shall be carried for identifying underground utility at every Pier location.
  7. Pile foundation with hydraulic rotary piling rigs.
  8. Conducting NDT Test, Cross hole sonic test and load tests on piles
  9. Pile cap including PCC under it
  10. Pier as per the shape and finishes mentioned in the documents.
  11. Cantilever piers, portal piers and portal beams at locations shown in the documents.
  12. Pier caps on piers, pre-casting, transport, lifting, fixing & prestressing on the piers. Pier caps cast in-situ, RCC and PSC
  13. Elastomeric/POT-PTFE/Spherical bearings including bearing pedestals and metal wedges.
  14. Precasting, Prestressing, Transport and Launching U-Girder or I-Girders.
  15. Casting transportation and launching of Special spans.
    • Obligatory span at Vadapalani with 45m in PSC
    • Obligatory span at Porur with 54+99+54m with steel composite box girder
  16. Conducting load tests on Girders/Erected Spans
  17. Inserts for track plinth with HYSD reinforcement (Track plinth is not in the scope of this contract)
  18. Construction of Station structure including columns, plinth beams, precast and cast in-situ slabs, staircases, roof structure parapets, canopies, gutters, facades and, RCC water tanks (Underground), entry and exit structures and other structures at all levels.
  19. Lift shafts, escalator pits including water proofing with proper drainage arrangements.
  20. Earthing arrangement, drainage system, inserts for OHE/Signaling masts in parapets, stations and U-Girders.
  21. Architectural works at stations including finishes to Civil works structures at each station for passengers, operating staff and equipment housing (such as screeding, blockwork, doors/fire doors, floor and wall finishes including handrails & balustrades etc.,) and Signages will be paid under lump sum.

The tender document in English is available online on CPP portal on 13-07-2020 in the e-procurement website ( till 12-10-2020, 17.00 Hrs.

Source: Chennai Metro Rail Limited-Tender