Chennai Metro Update: Tenders invited for Electrification works for Corridor-4 of Phase-2

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Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited digitally signed open e-tender through e-procurement portal from reputed, experienced, financially sound, eligible applicants, who fulfill the qualification criteria as mentioned in the tender through International Competitive Bidding (ICB) under Single Stage two Envelope (Technical & Financial) system for the works as detailed below which is proposed to be funded by New Development Bank (NDB):

  • Tender No.: C4-PS&OHE-09
  • EMD: INR 4.69 Crore
  • Completion period of the work: 1600 days + DNP (730 days)
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 13-Aug-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 04-Dec-2021
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 20-Sep-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 22-Nov-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 04-Dec-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 06-Dec-2021

Overview of the Project:

  • CMRL phase 2 Corridor 4 comprises approx. 26.085 km which constitutes approximately 9.24km of Underground section and approx. 16.80 km of elevated section and ramp of approx. 0.460 km with depot at Poonamallee. This approx. 26.085km stretch is Corridor 4 of Phase 2 project which runs between Poonamallee bypass to Light house including depot at Poonamallee.
  • Key data about the project is as below.
    • No of UG station:10
    • No of elevated station: 18
    • No of depot: 1 (depot at Poonamallee)
    • Elevated construction: Double U deck/ W Deck
    • Underground construction: shield tunnelling method, except station which will be cut and cover method.
    • Traction system: 25kV Flexible Overhead system in elevated section.
    • 25kV Rigid overhead equipment in the tunnel and in the double deck area of (between Alapakkam to Alwarthiru Nagar section of corridor 4 & corridor 5) of corridor 4.
    • Track gauge: Standard gauge (1,435 mm)
    • Rolling stock: 2.9m width 3 Car.
    • PSD door: Full height in underground station.
    • PSD door: Half height in elevated station.
    • Signalling: GoA4 (Driverless)
    • Corridor alignment available in employer drawings.
  • CMRL Corridor-4 track scheme layout and electrical sectioning scheme provides an overview as given below:
  • Elevated and Underground station alignment/arrangement Track schematic drawing no:
    • P2C4-MRW-TD-ZZZZ-ZZ+DWG-R_00004(to)00006
    • P2C4-MRW-TD-ZZZZ-ZZ+DWG-R_01001(to)01016
    • P2C4-MRW-TD-ZZZZ-ZZ+DWG-R_02001(to)02016
    • P2C4-MRW-TD-ZZZZ-ZZ+DWG-R_00001(to)00003
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV01-ALN-DR-C4E-10001-01&02
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV01-ALN-DR-C4E-10002-01&02
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV01-ALN-DR-C4E-10003-01(to)11
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV01-ALN-DR-C4E-10004-01to11
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV01-ALN-DR-C4E-10005-05to10
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV01-ALN-DR-C4E-10006-05to10
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV02-ALN-DR-C4E-10001-01&02
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV02-ALN-DR-C4E-10002-01&02
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV02-ALN-DR-C4E-10003-01to12
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV02-ALN-DR-C4E-10004-01to12
    • DDC-P2C4-ECV02-ALN-DR-C4E-10007-01to03
  • CMRL phase 2 corridor 4 traction feeding and sectioning drawing no: CMRL-GC-PS&OHE-C4-0010
  • Phase 2 Poonamallee Depot Track Lay out Drawing(TSS): CMRL-GC-PS&OHE -C4-0008
  • 33kV Network Drawing no: CMRL-GC-PS&OHE-C4-0004
  • Tunnel space proofing drawing: CMRL-GC1 – PS&OHE -C4-0035
  • Viaduct space proofing drawing:
    • CMRL-GC1 – PS&OHE -C4-0032
    • CMRL-GC1 – PS&OHE -C4-0033
    • CMRL-GC1 – PS&OHE -C4-0034

Scope of work:

The Scope of Power supply and Overhead Equipment contract for Phase 2 Corridor 4 from Poonamallee Bypass to Lighthouse and Poonamallee Depot is to Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Testing, Training and Commissioning of RSS, ASS, SCADA, OHE & Switching Stations, for CMRL Phase 2 Corridor 4 Between Poonamallee Bypass to Lighthouse Including Depot at Poonamallee.

  • By the Contractor under this Contract and shall meet all performance, functions, design/ technical requirements as defined in this Specification.
  • The scope of work includes design, manufacture, supply, including transportation, storage, loading / unloading, insurance and safe custody till handing over, installation, testing and commissioning of the facilities.
  • The scope of work includes the quality checking and quality management for all the works.
  • The scope of work includes the training to operation and maintenance personnel for the project.
  • The scope of work includes the supply of spares, maintenance tools and operation & maintenance manuals.
  • The equipment required for the project shall feature all equipment’s and systems required to form part of RSS 110/33kV/25kV, 33kV Auxiliary power supply, 25kV Traction Power supply, Power Supply SCADA, control and monitoring system, Overhead Equipment system.
  • The scope of work includes the design of an Electrical Work Permits plan and the management of the Electrical Work Permits on site, including:
    • Organizing meetings on a weekly basis with other contractors to list the needs of electrical work permits issuance.
    • Issuing and collecting back electrical works permits from contractors.
    • De-energizing and locking out of the power supply and OHE.
    • Contractor’s equipment and fixing of earthing pole on the catenaries where required in accordance with the local safety rules and to the electrical work permits.
    • Keeping a record of all the work permits and providing a copy to the OHS&E manager of the Employer.
  • This scope of work starts with energizing first two RSS, OHE between Poonamallee bypass to light house and ends with service trial for section between Poonamallee bypass to Lighthouse.
  • Two kinds of electrical permit shall be issued by the contractor as follows:
    • Electrical Work Permit ensuring that works are allowed, and that all equipment have been de-energized and no electrical hazard can be introduced
    • Testing, Troubleshooting, and Voltage Measuring (TTVM) Electrical Work Permit, for works that needs to be done with the system energized.

The Tender documents can be downloaded from the CPP PORTAL

Source: CMRL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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