Chennai Metro Update: Tenders invited for Supply of steel supporting system to support Auto Coach wash plant for Phase-I Extn Project

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Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited digitally signed open e-tender through e-procurement portal from reputed, experienced, financially sound, eligible applicants, who fulfill the qualification criteria as mentioned in the tender through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) under Single Stage two Envelope with initial filter (Technical & Financial) system for the works as detailed below under loan disbursement of Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA).

  • Tender Reference Number: CMRL/PHASE-1EXTN/BW-ACWP/02
  • Name of work: Supply, fabrication and fixing of steel supporting system to support Auto Coach wash plant, including Plumbing & drainage works, design of temporary works and all associated works of CMRL Wimco nagar Depot for Phase-I Extn Project.
  • EMD Amount: INR 1.61 Lakh
  • Duration of Contract: 180 days
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 08-Nov-2021   
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 07-Dec-2021 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 01-Dec-2021     
  • Bid Submission End Date: 07-Dec-2021 
  • Bid Opening Date: 08-Dec-2021 

Structural Steel work:

This specification covers the scope of work of structural steel works, submittals by the Contractor, applicable codes of practice for structural steel work and the specifications for the materials to be used, including steel, bolts & nuts, washers etc and the storage thereof. These specifications shall be read in conjunction with the CPWD specifications with up to date correction slips, MORTH Specifications and other relevant reference specifications described in the section 1.1 of these specifications.

The scope of work for the contractor in respect of structural steel work shall cover, but shall not be limited to the following:

  • Preparation of complete detailed fabrication drawings and erection marking drawing based on the design drawings, required for all the permanent and temporary structures.
  • Submittal of revised design, with calculations and detailed fabrication drawings, in case any substitution of the designed sections is required.
  • Supply of all raw steel materials for fabrication, taking into account wastage margin, including storage and upkeep of the materials.
  • Furnishing of all materials, labour, tools and plant and all consumable required for fabrication and supply of all necessary bolts, nuts, washers, tie roads and welding electrodes for field connections, with necessary wastage margins.
  • Fabrication of the steel works in accordance with the approved fabrication drawings, including all shop assembling, matching and marking. Design, manufacture / fabrication and provision of all jigs, fixings, manipulators etc. required for the fabrication.
  • Provision of shop painting and requisite site painting to all fabricated steelwork, as per requirements of the related specification of the painting.
  • Suitability marking, bundling and packing for transport of all fabricated materials.
  • Preparing and furnishing detailed bill of materials, drawing Office dispatch lists, Bolts Lists and any other lists of bought out items required in connection with the fabrication and erection of the structural steelwork.
  • Loading, Transportation and unloading of all fabricated structural steel material from site storage yard to erection site, handling, assembling, bolting, welding, and satisfactory installation of all fabricated structural steel materials in more location, according to approved erection drawings and/or as directed by Engineer.
  • The contractor shall submit, for examination by the Engineer, detailed particular of his proposed methods of erection of the superstructure steelwork, together with complete calculations relating to strength and deflection. if the erection scheme necessitates the attachment of strength steelwork to the permanent steel work, the contractor shall submit, for approval of the Engineer, the methods he proposes for making good the permanent steelwork after removing the temporary work. 
  • The contractor shall also submit the design and fabrication drawings of all temporary support, staging, braces etc, required for sale erection for approval of the Engineer.
  • The contractor shall provide all construction and transport equipment, tools, tackle, and consumables, materials, labour and supervision required for the erection of the structural steelwork.
  • Receiving, unloading, checking and moving to storage yard, storage, guarding and upkeep of fabricated steelwork and other consumable materials and fasteners at site.
  • Transportation of all fabricated structural steel materials from site storage yard, handling, assembling, bolting, welding and satisfactory installation of all fabricated structural steel materials in proper location, according to approved erection drawings and/or as directed by the Engineer.
  • Setting out, aligning, plumbing, levelling, bolting, welding and securely fixing the fabricated steel structures in accordance with the erection scheme, or as directed by the Engineer.
  • Provision of requisite site painting to all fabricated steelwork, as per requirements of related specifications of the painting.
  • Providing protective treatment to the erected steel structures, as per Specification.
  • All major modifications of the fabricated steel structures, as directed by the Engineer, including but not limited to the following:
    • Removal of bends, kinks, twists etc. for parts damaged during transport and handling.
    • Cutting, chipping, filling, grinding etc. if required or preparation and finishing nof site connections.
    • Reaming of holes for use of higher size bolt if required.
    • Re-fabrication of parts damaged beyond repair during transport and handling or re-fabrication of parts which are incorrectly fabricated.
    • Fabrication of parts omitted during fabrications by error, or subsequently found necessary. 
    • Drilling of holes which are either not drilled at all or are drilled in incorrect location during fabrication.
    • Carry out tests in accordance with the related Specification.
  • The Contractor shall observe all safety requirements for erection of structural steelwork as covered in IS: 7205.

The Tender documents can be downloaded from the CPP PORTAL

Source: CMRL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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