Chennai Metro update: Trial run begins between Washermanpet Metro Station and Wimco Nagar Metro Station

The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) commenced the Metro Train Trial run between Washermanpet Metro Station and Wimco Nagar Metro Station on 27-12-2020. During the Trial run, the Metro Train took its maiden run surging from the Underground corridor from Washermanpet Metro Station towards the Elevated corridors till Wimco Nagar Metro Station successfully.

  • A total of 9.051 kms was covered during the trial run on both Upline and Downline. 
  • With the tunnels in the Underground Corridors and the Elevated Viaducts proving ready for operations in this 9.051 km stretch, the works for finishes and fit-outs are being done day and night to achieve early commissioning. 
  • Also, the surface restoration works are on-going in parallel. 
  • Thiru Pradeep Yadav I.A.S., Managing Director, CMRL along with Thiru Rajeev Narayan Dwivedi, Director (Projects), Thiru Rajesh Chaturvedi, Director (Systems and Operations) participated in the Metro Train Trial Run.
  • Senior Officials of CMRL were also present during the occasion. 

Covid-19 Initiatives :

Meanwhile, As part of creating safety awareness to the general public and passengers travelling in the Metro Train, it has been planned to conduct Covid-19 related awareness drives in the Metro Stations and Metro Trains. 

  • In continuation with Covid-19 Awareness Drives, Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) in association with Nimirvu Kalaiyagam will be doing a Parai Performance at Washermanpet Metro Station (Street Level) from 12:00 pm – 01:00 pm on 25.12.2020 (Friday) and Thirumangalam Metro Station (Street Level) from 06.30 pm – 08.30 pm on 27.12.2020 (Sunday).
  • In this connection, CMRL in association with On the Streets of Chennai, a performance group will be performing at the following Metro Stations with the following schedule.
Name of the Performing Group Dates of Performance Metro Station
26.12.2020 Central Metro
26.12.2020 Airport Metro
26.12.2020 Thirumangalam Metro
26.12.2020 Alandur Metro
27.12.2020 Central Metro

Source: CMRL-Press Release

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